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Monday, April 28, 2008

We Had Special Visitors

Gerry's older brother Pat and his wife Carol have not been further from their Staten Island home than PA (except for when Pat was in Korea, in the 1950's). Gerry had often offered to send them airline tix to get them to come down, but to no avail. However, Pat and Carol's son Roddy (with his girlfriend Erica) decided to rent an RV and drive down to Florida. They spent a few days in Orlando at the theme parks, then drove down to Delray Beach to spend two days/one night with us. They were the first guests to stay in our cottage since we refurbished it. We had a wonderful visit Saturday to Sunday. Gerry was tired on and off,  but he did get some good time in with them. I was thrilled that Pat and Gerry got to spend a little time together. Gerry said, as they left, that he wanted to go up north in a few weeks to see them again...I doubt that it will happen. so this might be the last time that they get to see Gerry. 


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