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Monday, April 14, 2008


Gerry had a burning desire to see Avi, along with Alison and Michael, so we flew up this past weekend. It was a great visit, although Gerry got more and more tired each day. Avi is not just walking...he's running!!! He is so cute and so smart. I brought a set of picture dominoes. With all of them spread on the floor, I picked up one and showed him a heart. I then asked him to find another one with a heart...and he did. He did it each time I asked him to find a particular one. He knows so many animals and makes all the sounds. He is great with signing and can get his point across easily. When I ask him something he either shakes his head NO or says "Yes!" or "Uh-HUH!" He calls me Nenna right now...but I still use the term Grandma cause I don't want to be Nana. And he constantly calls for "Papa!!" meaning, Papa Gerry.
Friday we went to lunch and then Alison, Gerry, Avi and I went to the park. It was so much fun to watch Avi having fun and to play with him. He was fantastic at running while kicking his soccer ball around the area, throwing his baseball to Gerry, and going on the slides.
What also amazes is that Avi is more than 75% potty trained. Of course, being 17 months old he still uses the diaper, but during the day he almost always tells when he has to go on the potty...and he does. That's my boy!!!


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