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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Worst is Over - For Now glad yesterday is over. Gerry had such a tough day. They did not give him the 1 AM dose and decided this morning to stop the treatment for this round. His kidney and liver functions as well as his platelets indicated that he had had enough. YEA!! My poor sweetie looks a bit like the Pillsbury Dough Boy - strawberry flavored. His arms, hands, legs and feet are swollen (like an overstuffed sausage) - a gain of about 20 lbs (all fluid) and he has a flat, itchy rash on most of his body - all standard fare. He was moved to a "regular" room on the Melanoma unit tonight and begins the process of losing the water weight and hopefully getting those other levels to a better place.
I did spend the night in his room in ICU last night, sleeping on a recliner. Unfortunately, it was not one of those big cushy ones. I was up every hour to hour and a half either to help Gerry to the "bathroom" or awakened when nurses came into take his blood, check his meds, etc. However, I am glad I stayed for he wasn't steady on his feet and really needed my help. I left him around 10:30 AM to return to the hotel where I slept for 3 hrs and showered before returning to the hospital. After dinner (I ate, he took 3 bites) I came back to the hotel around 7:30 for an evening of....nothing to do!!! It feels sooooo good!
We are hoping to see Gerry discharged by Sunday the latest. He is also really, really tired as his hemoglobin is low, but he's getting pretty used to that as well. I am so happy that we will be home soon and get to enjoy the holidays in S. Florida before returning to TX at the end of the month.


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