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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Going Home

After a pretty lousy Monday (Gerry got really sick in the morning and stayed in bed most of the day), we had dinner in the hotel room (I just love room service...maybe it's the rose on the tray that makes it so special) and just relaxed all evening. This morning (Tuesday) we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and that pretty much wiped Gerry out. We returned to the room where i packed our bags (until about 6 months ago Gerry would NEVER let me pack his bags...Mr. Independent), then walked over to the medical center to pick up the scan reports from October. While I don't know every word that is written, I do understand most of it, and saw that aside from the already present tumors having grown, there is another small one by his adrenal gland. This Interleukin-2 had better work 'cause these "aliens" keep popping up all the time.

We were picked up by Kib, our Houston driver. It is the same price to hire him as it is for the two of us to take the Super Shuttle (shared with others) to the airport, so why not ride in comfort, especially when Gerry feels so lousy. In our conversation, we were telling Kib how Gerry and I met and eventually married. Gerry was so sweet - he told Kib that there was no way he could have gone through all this without me. He then apologized for not being able to help me pack, lift things this morning, etc. "Aren't you glad you didn't marry a princess," I said (in a way that meant 'someone who is spoiled') and Gerry said, "Who said you aren't one?" in a way that suggested that I was a 'good princess.' I love it when he says things like that, for although he is always saying thank you for things, he rarely says sweet little things to me.

We had an uneventful ride home, were picked up at the airport by Danny, our friend's personal driver who has been getting us to and from the airport in Florida for our trips too long to leave the car there. It was great to be home and we were so eager to see our "boys" - Rusty, Tiemann, Orange and Blue! And we knew that they would be excited to see us after 12 days!


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