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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh What a Busy Day!

2:00 AM - heard Gerry in the livingroom watching tv, dogs prancing here and there
4:00 - Gerry still in livingroom, he can't sleep. I let the dogs out and back in.
6:45 - Gerry comes to bed, he's talkative (great, just what I need at this time of morning).
7:00 - Gerry goes BACK to the livingroom, still can't sleep.
7:30 - time for me to get up - switched wash from last night
9:00 - Go with Gerry to his doctor to get a blood test to be sent to the dr. in TX
9:30 - come home, make some phone calls re: health insurance, health insurance and health
insurance and for appointment to vet. Switched another wash.
10:45 - leave for nail appointment - I'm late...oh, car's battery is dead as a doorknob. Have to go back inside, switch keys, take Gerry's car.
11:00 - on my way to nail salon...Gerry called, "Did you leave keys to your car so I can charge the battery?" oops....nope!
11:10 - arrive (very apologetic) at nail salon, have a WONDERFUL manicure and pedicure.
Planned to go to Weight Watchers for weigh-in (because I am a lifetime member and too cheap to ever pay the entrance fee again, I make sure I go for my free weigh-in each month).
12:10 - just about to leave for WW when Gerry calls and asks, "When are you coming home?"
"Now!" I say and do a u-turn to head for home......he STILL hasn't slept!
2:00 PM - take Orange AND Blue to the vet. I want to add them to the insurance at Banfield but have to bring in both dogs to do so. Believe me, it isn't easy (you should see us when we bring all four in for grooming). I expected to wait for hours as I was a "walk-in" but it was empty and we were taken right away.
3:30 - Left Banfield with my two dogs, $267 vet charges (enrollment and first month for insurance, meds,other stuff, tail "grooming" to clean Orange's tail, a free "moon doggie" collar (that's what my kids used to call it) to prevent Orange from biting his tail,and another $43 dropped at Pet Smart for Wee-Wee pads (Tiemann has this little "pishing in the house at night and when he is angry at you" issue).
5:00 - went to Publix to pick up tomorrow's turkey dinner & other things.
5:45 - got home, switched wash, left to pick up Mom for dinner (Gerry had only slept 1 1/2 hours all day so he stayed home with the doggies.
6:15 - picked up Mom, had a nice dinner with her, dropped her off and went to Subway to get Gerry a sandwich.
9:00 - got home, realized that I didn't have a pan to heat my turkey in, had to go BACK to Publix for an aluminum pan.
9:30 - pureed prunes (for good, ol' Ger - he hates them but oh, they work SO well!)
Gerry FINALLY went to sleep. He's sleeping in the guest room so the dogs don't disturb him, although Rusty, our dacshund, is sitting by the door, whining and pining away for Gerry. Meanwhile, Orange follows me all over the house, and as I type he is sitting on my lap, fast asleep. Here are some really cute pix of him. He has not really slept much all day so he fell asleep...on my lap before going to the Vet, on Gerry's lap tonight,
and while sitting up.
...and, taking my cue from Orange...I am going to bed. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all!


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