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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ow, Ow, Ouch!

I woke yesterday with a pain in my back. It's the kind of pain that you get when you lay on your stomach and you feel as if your back swayed forward all night. It was SOOOO sore! I took some Tylenol and then we went out to Costco, the bank and Publix. When we returned I took a painkiller and that only made me numb - yes, it took away the pain but also took away my senses. I got into bed and dozed on and off for a few hours. When I woke I was woozy. A little later I began to feel nauseated so I "borrowed" one of Gerry's anti-nausea pills. They helped a little but when I ate I felt even better. About 4 or 5 hours after taking the pain killer the soreness was back. No WAY was I taking another of those things so I took two Tylenol. Didn't help much but they took the edge off. Today my back still hurt. I took more Tylenol and tried not to do anything too active,but of course, I made breakfast for Gerry, then sat and wrote out the rest of my holiday cards (started last night). Gerry then decided that he REALLY wanted to get a new TV for himself, to put in our guest room. Last week, after we returned from TX, he had to go to the guest room to escape the dogs and their loud barking so he could sleep. He wants to have a GOOD TV there if he he going to be escaping each time he returns from treatment. We went to Best Buy first. It was almost impossible to get a saleperson to help us. Next we went to Circuit City but they really didn't have much of a selection in 26" LCD TVs. We returned to Best Buy,and when we did, they were out of stock on the tv we wanted. We decided to go to Costco, as Gerry had seen one he liked yesterday. Of course, we went to Costco that was south of where we were, only to be told that the OTHER Costco, north of where we had been, had 7 TV's in stock. SOOOO....we drove up to that one and within 5 minutes we had our TV. Together we put it into the armoire in the guest room. It's beautiful! Tuesday the guy from Digital TV is coming to set that one up with HDTV. As to my back, it's better, but for awhile all that running around from store to store and getting in and out of the car didnt' help matters. But Gerry is a happy camper, and that's what counts.

Side note: Little Orange, the dog with the "moon doggie" collar, is doing ok. He is finally sleeping at night so I can sleep in my own bed, instead of on the couch with him. He follows me all over the house, right my ON my heels, and that *#&# collar hits the back of my heels as I walk..."OW, OW, OW!!!" Today I caught him sleeping in a half standing/half lying down position:


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