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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

DING.....round 2

Here we are, folks, back in the ring...Gerry is in his corner...and while it seems that he is getting his butt kicked (and certainly feels that way) he is putting up a strong fight. As I write this he has just been given the 4th dose of IL-2. They gave the first two doses 8 hrs apart, then Gerry asked them to delay the third, preferring to have it at a 12 hr interval. This morning the doctor (whose turn it is in the barrel) told him that it is better that the doses be 8 hrs apart, unless the body dictates otherwise. While difficult to take, all of the side effects that Gerry has been experiencing have been normal so far....fever, chills, nausea, vomiting (just once so far, thank goodness), headache, exhaustion, and now his body is retaining fluid (also quite expected). So after that 12 hr stretch, it went back to 8 hrs b/t doses. After this dose they will check his "levels" again to determine whether or not to give him dose # 5 at 1 AM. He has slept through most of dose # 3 and so I am hoping that he is that lucky this time.

As for me...we have Gerry's laptop in the room so I periodically get on the computer. I read a whole book (though not a long one) For One More Day by Mitch Albom....EXCELLENT!!!! and quite a tear jerker (well, for me it was). I highly recommend it. I do various word puzzles. And I watch Gerry and the monitors. Today was not an easy one (though it got better each time he slept).I hate to see him like this, hurting, hot wired and such! And I am thankful to my two daughters for being there to listen to me vent when I have to.
Gerry's usual doctor just stopped by and told Gerry (as Gerry barely kept one eye open) that it he is in agreement with the other doctor as to how to admister the IL-2, that Gerry is tolerating it well, yes, the side affects that he is experiencing ARE normal, and that they will watch his kidneys to see if they get too stressed, at which time they will slow down or stop the treatment for this round. Hopefully Gerry will remember the dr. stopping by and all that he said!


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