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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who Said Returning Home Would Be Easy?

We got home around 7 PM and boy, I don't know who was more excited to see or the dogs. While away, my friend Melinda had stopped in every afternoon to play with the boys for aobut 20 minutes. She told me that Orange's tail had a raw spot. I saw it the minute I got was blood red and nasty looking. I could see that he had eaten away his hair and his skin on a 1inch x 1/2 inch area. When something irritates a dog they start biting the spot and that begets more biting, and so on. The poor dog's tail was so bad. And to make matters worse (for all of us) - he had fleas. Only a few but hat was enough. I dropped my suitcase to the floor, scooped up Orange and immediately gave him a bath with flea shampoo. Gerry checked the other dogs who all seemed to be ok. After the bath I cleaned Orange's tail and cut away a lot of the matted hair and dead skin where he had been biting, then sprayed it with a medicinal spray the vet had given us. Then we put Frontline on each of the dogs, stripped the couch, chair and futon covers and whisked them and the dogs beds out to he wash. THEN we had to go to the store for food for dinner. While there I ordered our Thanksgiving dinner. Since it would just be the 2 of us I had planned to get Boston Market turkey dinners but Gerry wanted a REAL TD dinner so he could also enjoy the leftovers. I really didn't mind cooking, but Gerry felt that I had done so much that he wanted me to relax TD, so we let Publix do the work. The smallest order was a dinner for 7 - 8 people: roasted turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes (white), cranbury-orange relish. I picked up Country Crock Sweet Potatoes (for me), extra gravy, and I already have frozen stringbean casserole at home, courtesy of Green Giant. We went home and had a nice dinner, I went through a week's worth of mail, and then it was time for bed. But poor Gerry, tired as he was, couldn't fall asleep and was up ALL NIGHT LONG!!!


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