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Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy First Birthday Avi!!!!

Last Saturday was Avi's first birthday!!! Can you believe that a whole year has gone by already? I can't! Gerry, Mom and I flew up to Atlanta Friday night. Becca and Phil flew in and met us at the airport. Michael met us, too, as he had gotten a free rental car for our use but had to sign for it himself. I was so happy to be spending a weekend with my family. It was great. There was a nice party on Saturday. Avi had about 5 of his little friends there (all under 2 years old) with their parents. Phil and Papa Gerry with Avi's little friend

Suzzette, Gerry's daughter who lives in Marietta, too, came for the party and afterward. Phil made Avi a plaque with his name on it (Phil did it entirely by hand).Avi was adorable and seemed to enjoy himself. Alison made his bib, diaper and even his shoes. But the best part of the day was that when Avi didn't want to stay with whoever was holding him, he would eagerly come to me. AH!!! I have arrived!! On Sunday, while Alison, Michael, Becca and Phil were out training for the Disney half-marathon they will be running in January, Mom and I left Gerry to watch football while we went to Trader Joe's. I love that store and can't wait till they have one in Florida. When we got back we all had a nice Sunday brunch. After Avi's nap, Alison, Michael, Mom and I took Avi for a walk to the neighborhood playground.
Avi and his great-grandmother (GG)

Avi loved being pushed in the swing. Walking there and back I had him strapped to me in his ERGO carrier and got to talk and sing to him. We left that evening after a wonderful, fun weekend. I miss them already!!!


  • At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Sarah HB said…

    Looks like a great weekend with family.

    Wow, Avi is 1 already????


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