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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Daughter, The Manager

This past weekend I had the pleasure of flying up to Destin, Florida for the opening of the new PF Chang restaurant there. She and my son-in-law Phil moved there a few weeks ago. They have a really nice house in San Destin Resort, and the restaurant is only 2 1/2 miles from their house - a big difference from when they were in Ocala and about 13 miles from work. The area is beautiful. I went to the beach, across the road from the entrance to their development. The beach is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, with pure white sand and on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. I spent a few hours relaxing there on Sunday. It was very expensive to fly to Destin so I flew up alone. I stayed at Becca and Phil's house did my ex and his wife. Luckily, we all got along very well. I ate at Chang's Sat for lunch with Becca, dinner with Phil, my ex and his wife, and Monday with Phil. The food is delicious but frankly, after 3 meals in one weekend I can wait a month or so before eating there again. The best part was watching Becca "do her thing." I am so proud of her for achieving this goal, and I know that she will eventually become a proprietor one day soon. When I was leaving on Sunday my flight was delayed and so I missed my connecting flight in Atlanta. Imagine flying from one Florida city to another and having to go through Atlanta. I was told that they could MAYBE get me on the last flight out of Atlanta - VERY late at night but it was no guarantee. Gerry would have to get me around 1 AM, and he had a flight to Texas the next day. Again...there was no guarantee of getting on the flight. I knew I would miss work anyway so I told the man in charge to get me on a flight out of Atlanta the next NIGHT! Then I called Alison and she agreed to pick me up at the airport. A day with her and Avi....what could be better?

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