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Thursday, October 25, 2007

How Nice to be Stuck Here

When Alison brought Avi into the room in the morning he looked. His daddy was out of town so at first he thought I was Michael (the room was still dark). After a few minutes he turned and looked at me again and saw it was his grandma...and gave me a BIG GRIN! It was wonderful. We then had a great day together. We went to IKEA where Alison had a day planned with some friends. Then Alison wanted to go to the gym so I watched Avi while she ran. He was so cute. And could this kid eat. Alison had brought a whole kiwi and a whole banana cut up in a little cup. Avi ate it ALL, plus some of his organic Cheerios. Afterward we went for a bite to eat before I had to leave. Avi STILL wanted to eat so we got him a small quiche and he ate 1/4 of it. I couldn't believe that he was still so good after only his early morning nap. It was a long day for a little guy under a year old. I hated to leave them. It was such a good day. Alison dropped me at the train and I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I had no luggage as they couldn't pull it the night before. When I got to the airport and checked in at the kiosk there was no record of me on the flight. Luckily I had a written confirmation. I went to the desk and was given a seat assignment....first class...woohoo. Then...I waited..and waited...and waited. The plane was at the gate but the crew coming in was late....and so we didn't take off until more than two hours after we were scheduled to. I got into the airport at 12:30 AM, and by the time I found the car (Gerry had left it there that morning) and got home and to bed it was 2:30 AM....I was up promptly at 5:30 AM for work. Of course, I was a "bear" at work, going on 3 hours sleep, but.... I made it through the day. At night, though....I had to pack once more. I was leaving the next day for NJ to meet Gerry and attend his niece's wedding.


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