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Friday, August 03, 2007

Finally Got The Word

We finally heard from Texas yesterday. Gerry's T-cells expanded to the required 3 billion cells so he will be on the clinical trial. We talked it over and decided that since we will have to stay in Houston for 4 - 6 weeks, we will drive out. We'll take the 4 dogs with us (yes, I know....crazy, but we love them, and it will be good for Gerry to have them with us). I made some calls and have found a corportate apartment near the Medical Center that will let us have 4 dogs. We will stay overnight at Becca and Phil's in Ocala, drive to Atlanta and spend two nights with Alison/Michael/Avi, spend one night in Biloxi (have to take two hotel rooms for the 4 dogs - only 2 in a room). Gerry will start treatment at the end of next week and after a week he'll go into the hospital for 3 weeks of treatment. We are so glad that it's finally happening! I felt horrible about starting a new job (albeit for a former principal) but my priority is to Gerry. It's not easy, though, having Jewish guilt. We not only give it, we get it!!! Being a mommy, I feel so bad for my students starting off their year in kindergarten with a sub. My principal and assistant principal are SO understanding about the whole thing, which helps tremendously. Thank goodness we have the cruise now, so we can relax before the craziness begins. I will have to go to school all next week to work on my room, for we are leaving Friday.


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