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Sunday, July 22, 2007

How To Make A Grandma Happy!!

Just come to visit!!! Alison, Avi and Michael are coming to S. FL to visit us for a few days. They a have been so patient, waiting until we heard from TX as to when Gerry needs to be out there for treatment. We FINALLY got a (return) phone call explaining what is happening. The lab grew Gerry's T-cells to over 100 million. Now they have to EXPAND them to 3 BILLION T-cells. They should have the count by Friday July 27. Then they will test to see the reaction b/t the T-cells and the cancer (that was removed in April). This is the vaccine they are making to hopefully test/use on Gerry's current cancer. If any of his doctors are reading this (now what are the odds of that?) I hope I have explained it correctly. Anyway, if all goes well he will probably go to Houston sometime in August. I wish I had known that two weeks ago, for the kids could have had more time to make their arrangements. However....they are wonderful and got flights to come down from July 27 - 30! I can't wait to see all of them, but especially, my little Avi! My Mom is really excited, too, and...Gerry!! He is crazy about Alison and Michael, and Avi is the icing on the cake.I have gotten busy cleaning out things...drawers for them to use, some closet space. And then....I was on a roll. I cleaned out cabinets and areas with things that I have not used (and forgotten about) for a few years (not my yarns, though - you NEVER know when you'll need them). I put them onto Bocaratonfreecycle, a group that I belong to on yahoo, where items are given away for free. Today I had 5 people stop by to pick up their items, and tomorrow I am having two people meet me to pick up theirs.

This afternoon we went to the movies and saw I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. It got terrible write ups but I laughed SO hard! I guess a lot has to do with how you interpret the movie. Aside from the silliness (which was funny), I saw this as a movie that didn't bash Gays but showed what it was like for someone who didn't understand what Gay people are up against, to be in their shoes for awhile, ending in a lesson in tolerance. Speaking of good movies, on Friday we saw Hairspray...if you like musicals with lots of song and dance and some good laughs thrown in, then you'll love this movie. I had seen the Broadway series play last year and this was as good, if not better.
And how about them Yankees!? Took 3 out of 4 against Tampa Bay this weekend, pulling themselves up by their bootstaps (or baseball stir-ups) - today alone, getting 21 runs! I sure hope they keep it up to at least give the Red Sox a run for their money in the playoffs!


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