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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vent and Praise

VENT: This school year I am moving to another school - same district. I have been at the former school for 11 years, working for a FABULOUS principal, O. Last year, the (then) superintendent, in his infinite wisdom, decided to swap O. with M., the principal of another school. Over the 11 years I was at my school O. brought us from a "D" rating to an "A" two years in a row. The other school was just a "D" (for dud). This move was a true blow to our staff, who worked very well together and worked very hard for our students. Now M. was a very nice lady. I never had any issues with her, although I know of one or two others who did at my school. However, I missed O. and the support staff she took with her, so I put in my papers to transfer for this year. I am moving to a beautiful school, a lovely room and will work not only with many of my former coworkers, but some others who I hear are very nice.
So - I need to move LOTS of boxes from my former school to my new school. They have been packed and ready to go since the last week of school. I called the new school and they said, "Bring them over." When I called the old school I was told that M. is on vacation until the 30th. When called, M. stated that she didn't want anyone coming for their things without the presence of an administrator (because there are "so many teachers leaving." Does she think we are going to rob the school?). The AP had surgery last week and will be out another week or two. None of this would be a problem, but we are waiting for a call from Houston, TX as to when we should hop on a plane and fly out for Gerry's treatment. Frustratingly so, we have not heard yet and so cannot make any plans for ANYTHING! How great it would have been for me to have gotten my things today, brought them to the new school, and go in tomorrow to start setting up my classroom. I also have to make arrangements for my friend's son to help me, plus hire a van or small truck (since our Explorer was totalled last month). Heck, I wouldn't care if the office manager came in to monitor my movements...just let me get my stuff!

PRAISE: O. called me today, expressed dismay (but not surprise) that M. wouldn't let me get my things. I then had a long talk with O....about school and then about Gerry. I was honest with her - I do not know if/when we'll go to TX and so I don't know if/when I'll be able to take part in her trainings, planning days or even begin my class (oh, how I hate for little ones to begin school with a SUB). O. was wonderful...her first concern was NOT her school but ME and Gerry. THIS is why I am switching schools. Kids are kids...good, bad or indifferent. I teach the way I teach and give every one of them my very best, so it doesn't matter where I work. But it's so important to work for someone who is caring, supportive, and respects you as a person, whether it's work related or pertains to your family life. It's so sad that my former school had to lose such a wonderful administrator, for already that school came up as a "B" this year (from an "A") and my new school is a "C" (From a "D"). My former school is on the downslide, but my new school will continue to do better and better because we have a principal (and a terrific AP, too) who care about not only their students, but their staff as well.
Thanks for listening!!


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