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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Am In Love

...with a little baby boy named Avi, my grandson. Mom and I flew up to Atlanta to spend a long weekend with Alison, Michael and their beautiful baby. The weather was really cold, unusually cold for Atlanta and the entire east coast (even Florida was cold). We only went out on Saturday, for breakfast and to Trader Joe's. I love that store, even though I only buy some toiletries and green tea extract capsules. Of course, I have to limit myself because I have to fly home. I wish we had TJ's in South Florida...a less expensive version of Whole Foods (where I have started to shop a little bit more but would love to pay a lot less).

Ok, back to the family. It was such a pleasure to watch Alison and Michael with Avi. They are amazing parents (you might have read that here before), and is shows in Avi. He is so happy, smiles easily and loves to play, hear music, cuddle. Alison and Michael work with Avi on sitting up. If you gently pull his arms he lifts his head and shoulders to begin to sit up (and he's jsut 3 1/2 months old). My mom and I had a great time with him. When we sang to him (in our off key voices) he "sings" along with us. And can this baby laugh!...right from his belly!
On Sunday Mom and I sent Alison and Michael off on a "date" - a little time alone to have lunch and a movie, while we watched/played with Avi. My stepdaughter Suzzette lives in Atlanta, and she came over to see us and the baby.
On Sunday night I gave Avi a bath for the first time (not his first time, my first time). He LOVES his bath and after he is soaped, washed and rinsed he love to play and hates to get out.
My daughter Alison is now on a campaign to get Gerry and I to move to her neighborhood. This thrills me, as we are so close, and I would LOVE to live near her and Michael and of course, Avi. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Delray Beach, South Florida and my home, but would give it all up to live by A,M & A. However, at this time I can't do it (don't stop asking day, it might be feasible). I hate missing out on every accomplishment that Avi makes day to day. Thank goodness for the internet, cameras, and now I have a webcam - hoping that they hook theirs up and then Avi and I can visit online.

Here are some parting shots of my beatiful grandson...


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