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Friday, March 02, 2007

Some of my Thoughts

On the 3rd of each month, my daughter Alison writes a beautiful letter to her son. This month, I thought I would express my feelings too. First, happy 4 month birthday, Avi. Since you came into our lives, the world has not been the same. You are my first grandchild, a beautiful baby from the minute you were born. I first saw you when you were 7 days old but knew immediately how special you were. You were not only beautiful, you were responsive to people's voices, smiled...yes, it was a smile, not 'gas'...when I spoke to you, and felt just right in the crook of my arm. I delighted in holding you, kissing you but mostly, I enjoyed watching your mom and dad react to you. They were tired, a bit overwhelmed by having a new baby in the house (and having to make a celebration for family and friends just 8 days after your birth, for your bris) but they were both so good in taking care of you, you'd think they had had 4 babies before you.

I saw you again when you were 6weeks old (can't help live in Atlanta and I live in South Florida) and you were bigger, a bit more playful, cute as hell too. Then your great grandma Ruth and I flew up to see you two weeks ago when you were 3 1/2 months old.! The smiles, the laughs, the "talking" - you coo, you gurgle, you sing along when we sing to you (or are you just trying to drown out our off-key singing). Once again, my joy was not only in being with you, but in seeing your mom and dad play with you, sing to you, read to you, and take such pleasure in being your parents. I would come up in the morning and your daddy would be having playtime with you, or you would be in bed with your mommy, cooing and having fun while she talked to you. And do you KNOW how many pictures there are of you already? I thought that I took a lot of pictures when your mommy was a baby, but between her and I, there are so many more of you. But you love to smile for the camera...who wouldn't want to take lots of pictures?
I know I don't write as prolifically as your mom, but I want you to know that I am so happy that you are my grandson, and I promise you that you and I will always have fun together. We will bake cookies and pies, sing lots of songs, read lots of books (oh, do I have books for you), go to special places such as the zoo, the aquarium.....WAIT! I am getting ahead of myself. You are only 4 months old....we'll wait a year or so till we go to the aquarium...too crowded right now! I love you Avishai, my precious, darling little boy!


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