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Friday, January 19, 2007

No knitting

I started to knit a sweater before I went to Hawaii. I had nothing in mind so I began to knit a white top-down cardigan using Caron's Simply soft. I worked on it just a little bit on the way to Hawaii and when riding around Maui. I am working on finishing the body but have had no desire to pick it up lately. I will have to finish it so I can start a sweater that I want to make for a friend of Alison's who is adopting a newborn baby girl in 5 months.
I wanted to share some Avi pix with you. If you go here you can see them too, but I just had to put a few up here:
Alison is telling us that this is Avi's second hiking trip.

The (free) pattern for this hat and scrarf can be found at:
You'll just have to bear with me...I am SO in love with him. Can't wait to see him when my mom and I fly up to Atlanta in mid-February.


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