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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yup, Still Knitting

Well, while I am putting the finishing touches on the "cow" sweater, I decided to start the baby cardigan pattern that I found on line. I still think it will be a bit big for a newborn - it's supposed to be size 0 - 3 months. I am using Rowan Wool Cotton (received from one of my secret pals). I only have two 50g balls, and now that I have just started the second ball, I am pretty sure I'll need a third. My luck, the color will be off...but, I am going to say a little prayer and perhaps it will be ok. This is another top-down pattern...I LOVE them! sewing involved if you do the sleeves with dpns.
Oh, and as an FYI - that beautiful dog that Becca and Phil found has been given a home....a coworker of Becca's took her. Becca said that the guy has other dogs and that they all get along really well. Ok, I feel much better now!!


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