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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Home, Sweet Home

After a week away in Ocala, we are home (temporarily). I have to write my post quickly as we are running on generator power which we will shut down for the night soon, so I don't want to take time to add pix.
Gerry went for CT needle biopsy today. The radiologist was SOO nice (as was everyone else in Ocala Hospital). After the procedure he brought me in and took the time to show me exactly what he did, explaining the picture on the CT monitor (there was the needle in the mass - so cool). Gerry was fine. We had to wait two more hours before we left so they could make sure he didn't become a bleeder or anything like that. Then we were headed home (packed bags were already in the car). We will return to Ocala Sunday evening for dr. appointments Mon and Tues, when we will have results and know the next move. Thank goodness school was closed last week and this week (hurricane damage) so I have not had to lose any sick days so far.
As for me....well, I have one word....OOOOOWWWWWW! We never got to Epcot on Sunday. I had a bad irritation (female-wise) since last Wed. I was given meds Thursday, took them as prescribed, but woke Sunday morning and, deathly afraid to enter the bathroom, I did so out of necessity and.....OUCH!!!!!! (only longer and much louder). So we headed back up to Ocala to a 24/7 emergency center. They confirmed what I already suspected....bacterial AND yeast infection, but to the nth degree!!! Well, friends, it ain't pretty! So, after taking MORE meds - 2 kinds of pills, cream, ibuprophen.....I am still hurting. I called and got an appointment with my GYN tomorrow. However, I was a little PO'D. I explained the situation to the appointment maker. She said I'd need a referral from my primary. I told the nice lady that my primary dr. has NO phone and NO electricity and do NO hours. She then told me I would have to self-pay....over $200!!! NO WAY, Jose! I thought of going to the hospital emergency room but honestly.....though this IS an emergency, things are so bad here in Delray, there are people worse off than I am who need to be at the hospital emergency room. So I called my health plan. They were SOO nice. They will try to contact the dr., but advised me of what I didn't know....that in any emergency I can go to ANY dr. without a referral. The dr. then bills the health plan as an emergency visit. Well, once the dr. gets a look at MY problem there will be no doubt that it's an emergency. But I feel sorry for others....seniors, poor people, who can't get to a dr., can't get their referrals and may not know to call their health providers. It's a lousy situation here (as evidenced by Gerry who would still be waiting to get the ball rolling if we had not gone to Ocala).

Frustration!!! I am almost finished with the textured shrug for Mom (from Ramswool). I only have about 4 inches of sleeve left plus the final edging, and I am about out of Electra yarn. The store that I bought it in MONTHS ago is closed. I have to go searching (probably not too far), not so much for the yarn but for the color. Luckily it's a multi-color, so I am hoping that there won't be too much difference in the dye-lots. So I put that down and started my son-in-law Phil's birthday sweater (which he'll get a bit after his BD). It's the hooded pullover by Lion's Brand. It calls for Homespun but I am using Plymouth Encore Chunky. I had to go up two sizes in needles to get my gauge, and went up a size in the pattern as the first 20 rows looked way too small for Phil. I really like working with this yarn. It's pretty soft, frogs easily and moves nicely on the needle. I bought the yarn when I was with Alison in GA two weeks ago. After I bought it she told me that I needed much more than the pattern called for (she had made it in Homespun and didn't have enough). So, the wonderful child that she is, she got me the yarn....two black (for stripes) and two more of the red (even asked the owner to get the same dye-lot for me from the backroom).
Third project....square washcloths, to be put with nice soap for holiday presents to friends. They are a quick knit, using Peaches N Cream or Sugan N Cream and size 7 needles. I made one in seed stitch, and will make others in box and stockinette.
Time to shut the generator for the night. Hope to be able to sit down next time I post!!! (ouch!)


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