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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hurricanes, Doctors, Travel...oh, my!

It's been quite awhile since I last posted but so much has happened. As most of the country knows, we had a horrific hurricane in S Florida last Monday. Wilma was much anticipated and so we all got prepared, but on the east coast we didn't expect as tough and direct a hit as we got. The storm went through rather quickly but blasted us as it did. We were able to board up our cottage and most of our house but couldn't get our picture window shuttered. As the storm roared the window bowed in and out, so, against what we knew to be the right thing to do, Gerry and I stood and held the window so it wouldn't break inward. When the eye came over us we went outside. Trees were all over, our neighbors beautiful coconut palm was laying across the rear of his little BMW convertible, but no one was hurt, the houses were mostly unscathed...what could be better. When the back side of the hurricane hit it was worse than the first part but with the wind coming from the other direction we didn't have to hold the window. Of course, we lost electricity early in the morning, too. Once it passed we assessed any damages, and only had our new fence blown down (but not broken), lost a few shingles on the cottage and had a really minor leak. Gerry hooked up our wonderful generator and we had power. The weather was fabulous so we didn't need to have AC on. We ran the generator long enough to cook breakfast and at night to heat the hot water heater for showering. Gas was scarce too. We took a ride and the area looked like a war zone. Trees uprooted and across the streets, wires and poles down like dominoes, traffic lights totally blown off their wires and thrown to other parts of the street. My mom lives in a huge senior development. THank goodness her condo is fine, but others have lost roofs, terraces, etc. We had no water for a few hours, then water with no pressure, and were on a boil water order. The stores had no cold foods either, but we had some in our fridge and it lasted. I have to say that sitting thru the storm I got in a lot of knitting time (when I wasn't holding the window). I am almost finished with mom's textured shrug (no pix as I don't have my camera with me).

Once the storm passed we cleaned up the yard. I got bored and so cleaned my house (now that showed REAL boredom on my part). However, we had other issues. The week before, Gerry got results from a CT scan on his lungs, and it showed a not too good mass in his right lung. He had an appointment to see a pulmonologist on Monday - Wilma day - and then with no electricity there were no doctor offices open. The week before his dr. called for a PET/CT scan ASAP. We didn't want to have to wait for the power to come back on in a week or more so we drove up to Ocala where my nephew is a nurse practitioner. He got Gerry in for the scan the next day, Thursday. Thank goodness we also have my daughter Bex and son in law Phil to stay with. On Friday we found out that it's indeed cancer. Monday Ger goes to see a pulmonologist and Tuesday gets a bronchoscopy for a biopsy. Then we'll discuss surgery, which we will have done here in Ocala as my nephew Michael is in the know and has good contacts. Everyone we have come in contact with here in Ocala has been wonderful (but oh, the traffic is HORRENDOUS!!!). Gerry is in a great frame of mind....he feels it isn't unexpected (Cancer is in his family) and so let's just diagnose it and take care of it. Alison even offered to knit a chemo cap, blue with a Yankee insignia on it!!! So we'll know more by Tues or Wed. Things worked out well, too. Because of the hurricane, Gerry has no work, my school was closed last week and so far, thru Monday. Selfishly I am hoping that it's closed the rest of the week so I don't lose sick days by being here.
Today we are driving down to Orlando. Gerry's family - brother, sister in law, nieces, great nieces and nephews - are down from NJ for a few days. So we have taken a hotel room and will meet them tonight for dinner, then go to CityWalk for dancing, and tomorrow we'll go to Epcot for some does go on! Thank goodness we are not the type to sit and brood. The computer is acting weird so I apologize for this looking a bit out of whack. I am glad that when I rushed to pack my things to get out of town, I not only took my current project but took enough yarn for two more. Good thing as I will get lots done just driving around - everything is far from my daughter's house in the boonies. Well, off to enjoy the day, the weekend, and carry on.


  • At 1:18 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    I hope the news is good for Gerry and his cancer was caught soon!!!


  • At 12:17 AM, Blogger Heather said…

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both. I'll be hoping for the best!

  • At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Donna S. said…

    It sounds like Gerry will put up the good fight & get rid of that old cancer!! You guys take care....glad you are safe. Sorry you have all of this to deal with

  • At 8:14 AM, Blogger kate said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 7:11 PM, Blogger bethanie said…

    I'll be thinking of you two!


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