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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Only 175 to GO...!

That's how many actual school days left that the students attend. We made it thru the first week of school. I can't complain...I have a great class. I started out with 20 students - one was a no-show, and all seemed really sweet. Now I know you think that ALL kindergarten children are sweet, but it just ain't so! You get some here and there that can make a class of 20 seem like 40. Last year's class, while consisting of nice children, started out really low in language skills (I teach ESOL kindergarten...English Speakers of Other Lanugages). They did pretty well in the end but it was like pulling teeth to get them there. This year's class seems to be a bit sharper. Only time will tell. I worked ALL week till 5:30 or 6 (except for Friday).

On Tuesday I went knitting. Two new women joined us, both knittiers, just not "polished." They were really nice. I am still working on the Textured time to knit other than Tuesday nights, so it's going a bit slowly. Althea and her daughters were with us for one last time. They are so nice. They were headed to NY and to go white water rafting before heading home to Israel. Have a great trip back, ladies!!! And come back to knit/crochet with us soon.

After school yesterday Mom and I drove to Tampa. Alison and Michael are attending a wedding Sat. night, along with Michael's parents. Alison asked me to bring my mom up so they could see each other and I also thought it would be great for mom to meet M's parents. Gerry had to work and so couldn't make it. This was a great chance for Mom and I to get away, just the two of us (at least, for the drive up). The drive was almost uneventful...we hit torrential rains, thunder and lightening and had to pull over till it let up a little. I couldn't even see the hood of my car. We got to La Quinta (our hotel....not glamorous, but with a little ambiance's clean and the price is right!). A & M were dropping the puppies at her sister's house in Ocala, so they didnt' get in till after 1 AM. Mom and I went to the Olive Garden for dinner, came back to the room and conked out.

Saturday morning we met up with A&m and went to meet M's parents for brunch. We all had a really nice time. Karen, M's mom is such a sweetheart, and always very thoughtful and giving. She brought gifts for us all....foot cream for me ('cause I am on my feet so much), a lovely Lenox berry dish for Mom (for her 80th birthday that was in Feb), and something for Alison which I can't remember at the moment (sorry, Karen). We ate and talked and then the guys went to the hotel/resort where the wedding party was staying and we ladies went with A for her manicure. Afterward we joined the guys. M's family was in the pool, and Mom, Karen and I sat on the side with our feet in the water. The hotel is the Don Cesar....very elegant and beautiful. Parking is outrageously priced and it's much cheaper to valet the car (at $12 a pop). It was a fun afternoon.

We took A&M back to their room and then Mom and I drove an hour north to Spring Hill where my best friend Cheryl lives. We visited with her and family, slept over (not much sleep as I stayed up till 3:30 AM gabbing) and had one of Cheryl's marvelous breakfasts. She is such a great hostess. I love her (not just because of her culinary skills, but because she really is a true friend).


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