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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sorry that I have not posted for some time. I was so busy with work and life in general. But life has been good. Gerry returned from Mexico midnight last Sunday (does midnight make it Monday?). He had a wonderful time, certified in Underwater photography and got some fabulous pix. He also came home bearing gifts, and this time....he done good! A lovely silver and black heart-shaped charm to wear on a chain, bracelet, cotton jacket with a map of Cozumel on the back, showing the dive sites (normally I wouldn't like something like this, but this jacket is nice and will be great to wear on dive days). I had also described a statue that I had and broke about a year ago. Weeelllll - he came close. The one I had was a boy, painted a deep brownish-mustard color, made from paper-mache. Gerry bought the boy and girl, same pose but made of plaster and painted dark blue. Good enough!! We have to be less fussy and more appreciative in life (or so I tell myself) and I celebrated his good judgement. Of course, he was a happy camper.
After a very busy Monday and Tuesday, I went to my SnB group Tuesday night. I still have not finished Mom's shell, but had been making a scarf for my niece's little boy. She mentioned that they were travelling from Ocala, Fl to upstate NY this week and he needed a scarf. Having yarn in the house, I decided to make it with that. Unfortunately, it was Red Hook acryllic worsted...not the nicest yarn. Funny thing is...a year ago it would have been fine, but now that my daughter Alison, as well as SnB, had introduced me to the wonderful world of interesting fibers, I cringe at using RH yarn. The only acryllics that I don't mind are Caron's simply soft or similar yarns, because they feel so good. I was actually embarrassed to be using the RH yarn. I finished the scarf, except for the fringe (I would do that at home) and started the scarf for my brother Randy, using Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Brush (gray). I am using a seed stitch. It's coming out great.
Wednesday I didn't have to go to work because I was leaving around noon for Orlando. Almost every year I get to go, along with several other teachers, to FETC - Florida Educator Technology Conference. After a leisurely morning, packing and a manicure, my friends picked me up and we were off - 4 in one car, two others meeting us there. Since I wasn't driving I got to knit all the way there....that was a plus! After checking in at the hotel we went to registration and opening session. I sat in semi-darkness and knitted. The bad part was when we were getting up to leave I noticed that I had two dropped stitches, so I had to frog about 7 lines. At first I panicked, but I was able to pick up all my stitches and continue.
On Thursday I went to a few sessions, and then met my daughter Becca who drove down from Ocala to have lunch with me. Of course, when she said she was going to the Milenia Mall, I just HAD to accompany her. We had such a nice afternoon. She dropped me back at the Convention Center and I did another session. That night we ate at a really neat restaurant across from our hotel,called Cafe TuTu Tango. The food was good, but the best part was the ambiance...all kinds of art hanging on the walls, ceilings too, and artists set up creating their works. I bought a hand-painted glazed wooden egg. The picture is below this posting (I think). I also had a reading by a woman using tarot cards and numerology. It was interesting...she pegged my personality immediately, and while I know that anyone can read whatever they want in it, she was pretty accurate in things she said (I can't tell you what it'll just have to trust me on it). When she read my friend Sherry - MAN, was she accurate.
Then 4 of us went to Universal Studios where some of the sponsors were hosting a dance at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was so much fun, we danced for about 2 hours. While there we ran into several teachers who used to work with us. They were so much fun. After the dance we were taken by the account exec of one of the sponsors, to Patty O'Brien's, a club on CityWalk, Universal, that is a replica of the one in New Orleans. We sang along with the twin pianos and again, had a ball. After going back to the hotel, my friend/roomie Lil and I went out to Denny's and had coffee and talked till almost 4 AM.
Friday was a late start. The weather was lousy but we still had to walk part way to the CC (the other mornings we walked the entire way). I spent the entire time in the Exhibit Hall, won a computer program, and listened to several presentations. By the time I walked out I was exhausted (lack of sleep will do that). So, I took drastic measures...I bought and drank a cup of REAL coffee....not the decaf that I usually drank. Within 5 minutes my eyes were not only wide open, I couldn't stop talking...that's what regular coffee does to me. I calmed down after about 5 min, but I was wide awake enough to drive the entire 3 hour trip home, go out to dinner with Gerry, and come home to knit some more.
I was so good for the past two weeks with my walking, and Pilates classes on Monday evening. Today I went to weight watchers for my monthly weigh in (I only do this to maintain my lifetime membership). I have lost 3 1/2 lbs since last month, and I know that it was all in the past two weeks. WOOHOO!!! I would love to lose 3 more and maintain that, not gain any back. Should be easy as I am watching my diet and intake of fat, carbs and cholesterol, plus walking almost daily.
Tonight we resumed our movie going. We saw Hide and Seek with Robert DeNiro and Dakota Fanning. It was really, really good, though I pegged the culprit fairly early on. If you are easily scared by psychological thrillers, tho, be warned that you will jump a few times. At least, I did!
Last but not least, I have my secret Pal's name from SP4 and can't wait to get going on it.
Have a good weekend! ****and please forgive my inability to property insert my pix where they should go in relation to my least, they're on the blog!


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