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Monday, December 06, 2004

A good weekend, a good Monday

What a nice weekend we had. On Friday Gerry and I drove to The Villages. That is a mostly senior community (a HUGE community) near Leesburg, Fl (Central Florida, about halfway b/t Orlando and Ocala, closer to Ocala). Gerry's brother Eddie and his wife Billie bought a house there and closed on it last week, so we spent the weekend with them. It's a nice house. The woman who owned it bought it in 1989 and was immaculate. She also bought it as it was decorated in the model way back then, so it now looks like a timeshare decor - mostly pinkk (mauve) and light green with white walls. Billie and Eddie are not moving in full time for another 26 months so it's fine for now. I think that they got quite a bargain. The Villages has EVERYTHING a retiree can want - tennis, golf courses, bowling, Town Centers with restaurants, nice shops, music nightly, dancing, movies and more. Friday night we ate at Augustine's, which is like a little Olive Garden. Food was good. Saturday the weather was very cool and cloudy. Joined by their friends Joanie and John, we had lunch at the Lighthouse, a restaurant on the water. We had a great waitress which made it a lot of fun. Silly me, though. On the back of the restaurant the owner puts monthly news, and this time he wrote about his mother. Doncha know that 2 paragraphs into reading it I was crying. I don't know why but I found it very touching. I was SO tired later on so Gerry and I took a long nap. Must have been the dreary weather and my full tummy. At night we went to Katie Belle's, a restaurant that I had gone to many years before when it was open to the public. Now you have to have a pass to get in. The food was just ok, but they have a band and we danced a lot. Once we left we danced outside to the music there in the square, then looked in some shops before going back to the house. Sunday we rose early so Billie and Eddie could close up the house. We drove them to the airport for their reluctant return to NJ. Then Gerry and I went to the Outlets in Orlando where Gerry bought some jeans and pants and I bought him a jacket for Xmas. I knitted all the way home and finished the second sock to a pair I had started at the NASCAR race. I had not worked on it for some time because I was trying to knit the sample that I had promised to work on for a yarn distributor in Arizona. I tried and tried but finally got to a point that I found really confusing, so I am sending it all back. What can she do? Not send me another to do? (If I'm lucky!!!)
Today work was good but a bit nutty. I have a new unique aide (Mrs. Torres) for Nestor , a child in my class. The former unique aide, Sol, is now the full time para in my room, but Nestor still looks to her for everything. She had to leave for about an hour, but we still had Ms. Torres and also Tori, who is from the Dept of Autism, who is working on Nestor's future placement. So we had b/t 3 and four adults in the room at one time. At one point the ESE specialist came in and we had another adult there. I am really happy though that Sol is the full-time para in my room. She is great with the kids, picks up where I leave off, and I enjoy her company.
Tonight Gerry and I went to a holiday party at our dive shop. It was nice. They had a singer, food, and lots of people there. They had lots of free raffles, and we won five free tank fill-ups (for diving). Not a bad prize at all.
Now for the exciting news. Suzzette, Gerry's daughter, is going to have a baby. We are very excited. The baby is due in the summer. I love babies, and am thrilled that we will be grandparents. Of course, as excited as I am, I still can't wait until Alison calls and tells me that she is expecting. THAT will be the ultimate high. So come on, Michael, hurry and give the A-OK!!
Time for bed. Busy day tomorrow - but then, isn't it always?


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