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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Taking on the challenge

I took a deep breath and started to work on the sweater that I am making for the Southwest Trading Company, the distributer of some really neat yarns. I am working with Bamboo. It calls for Tunisian Knit, which is a variation on the afghan stitch, which I have not done in about 25 years. I followed the instructions to make two rows but it didn't look right so I held my breath and ripped back to the chain, then started again. The yarn was great...didn't fray, pull or make me crazy. Before I worked on it again I took out some acrylic yarn and worked up a piece, practicing the stitch. When I made two rows using the Bamboo it looked great. I know I will get more confidant and faster, but for now I am being super careful since I am making this for a COMPANY and they supplied the yarn (which is too pricey for me...I like good but not very costly yarn).

I had a really busy day today. Besides the usual reading and writing done in my classroom, we had visitors. I asked the Broward County Humane Society to come to our classrooms to show the kindergarten children how to behave around dogs. They came with TWO Rottweilers....Rocky and Tyson. The dogs were sweethearts. I combined my class with my co-worker's class...43 students in all. The kids were pretty good but some were so afraid. Only two showed extreme fear and after coaxing them, we didn't force them to go near the dog. I hate to see kids so afraid. I am a BIG dog lover.

Tomorrow my little maltese has to go to the dr. to have his teeth cleaned. Many of his teeth are only held in by plaque so with the cleaning he will lose a lot of them. Poor baby. He will have to gum his food to death. Our friend/tenent Steve loves Tiemann so much. He is going to pick T up from the dr at the end of the day and watch him when Gerry and I go to dinner and to see The King and I at the Kravis Center (we have a subscription). I treated last time so dear Gerry said that he is treating and I get to pick the restaurant. Not sure where I want to go....maybe Mark's at City Place in W. Palm Beach. I have a coupon so it makes sense to go there, and the food is really good, too.

Well, time for bed. Long, long day tomorrow.


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