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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A Free(?) night

I love Tuesdays...Gerry plays pool and I have a free night...yeah, sure!
Work was really decent today. The kids were pretty good, my "difficult" child was absent, and all was well. At the end of the day I hosted our weekly team meeting, which is a friendly bitch session. It's nice to know that the rest of the teachers on my team are as frustrated as I am by our students' lack of knowledge of basic concepts. Really - I was doing very simple math and MANY of my students could not count up to 5 or tell a 4 from a 2. Don't let me get started....I could go on and on about it. After the meeting, three of us drove (further south) to see Shawn. He is 26 years old and in his second year of teaching. He is a great guy and a really good teacher, an integral part of our team. Unfortunately, he was in a severe motorcycle accident October 24th. He is just home from the hospital less than a week. He was very badly injured and will be recovering for the rest of the school year. We had not seen him before this as he was in a hospital in Orlando, 3 hours north of me. It was great to finally see him. He looks terrific, just has lots of discomfort, talks very softly cause his lungs are injured, and on and on. His dad was there and is really nice, as is Michelle, Shawn's fiance. I was happy to hear that their wedding will take place as planned, next May 1. We visited for about an hour.

After Shawn's I made the drive back north, toward home. Stopping on the way, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a GC for one of our staff members getting married Saturday, Whole Foods Market for vitamins (love that store), and to Costco. I bought Gerry 2 of his Xmas presents - TIVO and an electric shaver that he wanted. I also want to get him a casual jacket to wear when we do out, so he doesn't have to wear his tweed sports jacket that DOESN'T GO with his slacks and Hawaiian shirts! Then home, dinner, a little bill paying, and here I am. Free night? Not for relaxing, that's for sure!


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