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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Busy, crazy, but still having fun

What a week it was. After a wonderful weekend in AZ with Alison and Michael, I returned to work to get stressed. Every week it's something different. This week we were told that our rooms are too full of "stuff." We are working on making the classrooms more suitable for "brain-centered learning" and so have to have plants on each table (done), water bottles for each student, which I fill at the end of each day (done), a lovely quiet area with lamp, photos of the kids and family (done), soft colors - no more reds, deep yellows and oranges, but use of earth tones (sort of done). New charts to be made - enlarged, colored and laminated; change some room set-ups; and now, revamp our lesson plans - NO WAY!!! My team does it their way, and still includes all necessary ingredients. I took all art supplies and blocks out of my room. Yes, we are a kindergarten, but who has time to indulge in that kind of "play." I know I am ranting and raving a little but I am constantly frustrated that I work with children who don't have the advantage of early childhood practices and so have no home experience with crayons, scissors, fingerpaints, clay, stories read to them, etc. They need to have the "old" kindergarten where children cut and paste all the time, paint on easels, get a chance to be creative, role play. That's why I was thrilled with Alison's Kidstown Playcenter, where children can role play. Of course, the children I have seen there are very different from my students. I am sure Alison's clientele have parents who talk to them and allow them to have various experiences in their lives.

So ANYWAY - we also have two new teachers on my team - one is subbing till June for Shawn, who was in a major motorcycle accident in Orlando. It will be quite some time before he is able to return to work, probably not till next year - we miss him so much. On a good note, Shawn was transported down to Hollywood, Fl and we will be able to start making short visits to him soon. Another teacher was let go and her replacement starts Monday. Not an easy task, taking over a classroom mid-year. But she seems very competent and I am sure she will be an asset to our team. We will all do our best to assist her.

With all this going on I have been staying at work most nights until 5 or 5:30 - so much for teacher's hours (leaving at 3).

Wednesday my little maltese Tiemann went to the dr. for dental work. His teeth were so horrible, and many were loose, so the dr. ended up taking out 27 out of his 34 teeth. Thank goodness they left in his canine teeth in front so his tongue stays in his mouth. Our friend/tenent Steve ADORES Tiemann and was so worried about him. He even sent his t-shirt in with T. so when he woke in the kennel he could smell something familiar. Gerry told Steve, however, that Tiemann is a non-smoked (everything Steve has smells of his cigarette smoking). Gerry spoke to the nurse later in the day and she said that T. was the most popular dog in S. Florida - Steve called a few times, Gerry once and me once. Steve ended up picking T. up after the procedure, bought and hand fed him soft chicken, and fretted over him like a mother hen. T. was pretty drugged but seemed ok when we saw him later that night, and the next morning he was himself. However, Gerry bought really soft dog food for him and T. couldn't eat it from his dish - guess his jaws hurt, so Gerry hand fed him. When I come back in my next life, I want to be one of my dogs!!

Wednesday night Gerry and I went to dinner and a show. We have a subscription to the Kravis Performing Arts Center. This week we saw The King and I with Sandy Duncan. It was great (although we both agreed that nothing is like the Yul Brenner/Debra Kerr team). We enjoyed it better than Oklahoma, seen last month. The K&I was more spectacle, engaging....I don't know, just more of what we enjoy.

This weekend we are in Tavernier Florida (right below Key Largo) with John and Melinda. We have a 2 bedroom/2 bath condo, and are here to attend the last NASCAR race of the season. They guys went to the Busch race today, a smaller race than tomorrow. Two races in a row are too boring for me. So Melinda and I will sit by the pool, do some talking, some reading, and for me - some knitting. Tonight we will all go to our favorite seafood buffet and Gerry and I will go to Holiday Isle for a little dancing, if the band is good.

Speaking of knitting. I was working hard on the Tunisian Knit sweater and doing fine, but suddenly my stitches look different...not bad, just different. Maybe I was knitting a little looser, I am not sure. I have ripped and redone it twice and still the same, so I ripped again. Later on I will try again. Meanwhile, I will work on completing the second sock to the first one I made.

Looking forward to this week. My brother Jon and niece Gianna come down Wed night for the holiday weekend. I always love to have them here. They will stay with Mom. My daughter Becca and son-in-law Phil come Wed night too, just till Thurs night. Bex wants to bake with me so Wed night we will make apple pie together. We have not had THanksgiving dinner together since 1998, and not with my brother and niece since 1994. Also joining us are mom, Suzzette and Brian, and Steve (Tiemann's buddy). I am looking forward to watching the parade with Becca too. Then Saturday night we will go to see the tree lighting in Delray. We have a 100 foot holiday tree in Old School Square, with festivities going on too.

Time to head to the pool where Melinda awaits. It's GREAT to live where you can sit by an outdoor pool in November!!!!


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