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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Home from Arizona

Had such a wonderful time with Alison and Michael. After spending the entire day Saturday at Kidstown (I just knitted or checked my e-mail. Poor Alison had to host a party for two little boys and their families) we went to a Turkish restaurant called Efee's. Alison and I sat on long cushions on the floor while Michael sat on a pretty stool. Our table consisted of a large silver tray. The food was so good. We started with warm pita bread and two dips - one was a yogurt dip. Then we shared a combination entree that had beef, lamb, chicken, chopped lamb and chopped chicken, with delicious rice and sort of a cabbage slaw. It was so enjoyable. After dinner we went back to the house and Alison taught me how to make a sock, using 4 double-pointed needles. I actually finished it on the flight home, and started a second sock.

Sunday morning we went to brunch at Mimi's Cafe. The french toast was excellent, and the portion so large that I shared with Alison. She then took me to JoAnn's Fabric Store, which is five times as large as the one here. I was able to get some more yarn for socks. Then it was off to the airport. The flights home were good. I arrived at midnight to find my "ride" waiting. It was great to be in AZ but even greater to be home. Until I had to wake up and go to work, that is!!

Tonight I started the sweater using Bamboo yarn. It is easy to work with but I had to rip and start over after the first 4 lines, until I got the hang of the stitch. It's called Tunisian Knit, and is similar to the afghan stitch. I practiced on regular yarn till I perfected it. Now I am off and.....walking!!! Don't want to hurry too much...might ruin it!


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