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Sunday, November 28, 2004

What a great weekend!

This weekend has been so much fun. Thanksgiving with my family (but really missed Alison and Michael); had the dogs groomed (they were so mangy looking); had dinner with my family and friends Friday night; movie on Saturday - we saw National Treasure with Nicholas Cage. It was really very good - good dialogue, intrigue, humor - never a dull moment. After the movie we (Gerry, Mom, my brother Jon and niece Gianna and I) went to downtown Delray, which is about 9 blocks from my house. It was the 12th annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. There were tons of people, a great band playing, food being sold....a really good time. We stood for about an hour listening to the band, and then Santa arrived and they turned on the tree lights. The tree is 100 ft. high and beautiful. A little incongruous in the middle of palm trees, but hey, still 'tis the season! We then headed down the Avenue to Rotelli's, an Italian restaurant that we like. The wait wasn't that bad....30 minutes, so we sat on a bench and waited. We were given a table outside. The weather was perfect, not too cool, full moon too.
Today Jon, Mom and Gianna came over and we took a minute to take pictures of Gerry and I with our three dogs. Now that is no easy feat, and I have very little patience for other people taking pictures that are important to me (it is for our holiday card). I am not blaming my brother Jon, for I handed him a camera that he has never used and said, "Shoot!" I did my best to be patient. He took three shots and said that he thought he got a good one in there, Gerry was eager to get on with his work - putting up the holiday lights on the house - so, that was that! I reviewed the pix (thank goodness for digital) and we can use one. No, it's not perfect, I don't look my best and Gerry has sunglasses on, but the dogs look pretty good. Isn't that what counts?
Then Mom, Jon, Gianna and I drove up to the beach to a restaurant called Bostons. It's a well known restaurant down here. We went to meet Sarina, my new friend and massage therapist. I met her in Publix, discussing how to marinate steak, and we hit it off. She's also a GREAT massager. I now go to her once a month for massage, but...that's another story. She was waiting at Bostons with her beautiful white labrador named Emma, and her friends Brian and Heather. We sat at the next table, had a nice little lunch and fun conversation. Then we drove to the other side of the Avenue to walk through the Art Festival on Pineapple Grove. It was a beautiful day for walking. Lots of people were out. I didn't feel compelled to buy anything, which is always a good thing. So many people were there with their dogs, all very well behaved. I got a little jealous, since I have three beautiful dogs of my own. So what did I do? I left the others, took Jon with me and we walked the 7 blocks to my house to get two of my dogs. We took Tiemann, my little maltese, and Cocktail, my shepard/chow. I would have loved to take my daschund Rusty but he gets a little testy with other dogs and sometimes people as well. So Rusty stayed home with Gerry, watched some football and shared some turkey. When we got back to the street fair I could have popped my buttons (if I had had any on). EVERYONE was asking what kind of dog is Cocktail, exclaiming over his pretty face. I have to admit that he is a beautiful dog, very different looking with his red mane, white snout and black eyes. It was so much fun! We then walked up to the Avenue and sat outside a biker bar/restaurant (no bikers were there at the time) called Elwoods. More people passed, stopping to exclaim over Cocktail. When it was time to go the others walked to the car, about 5 blocks east of where we were. I had to walk all the way home, because there was no way Cocktail could fit into Mom's car with the rest of us. Poor Cocktail is now so exhausted from all that walking and fresh air that he had conked out.
We ordered a pizza, used paper plates and then Mom, Jon and Gianna said good-night. I will see Jon and Gianna in a few weeks, when they come down for Xmas. I am so tired but had such a wonderful weekend.


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