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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Having a ball in Arizona

I am here in Chandler, AZ with my daughter Alison and son-in-law Michael. Got in late Wed night. Good flights, slept on the second all the way. I love being with Alison. I came out to help them move/unpack in their new home, but the deal fell through for the house so I kept the pans and flew here just because! Alison and I have been busy...spending time at her business Kidstown Playcenter, running errands, knitting. Alison has become an addicted knitter. It consumes every bit of her very limited free time. She would knit in the shower if she could find a way to turn plastic bags into yarn. Today we went to a yarn distributor. Alison was organizing her knitting group's holiday party, to be held there. We spent a lot of time there talking about yarns and patterns. I had no idea that yarn could be made from soy silk, from bamboo, and other "exotic" fibers. By the end of the visit, both Alison and I had volunteered to knit samples for the company. Alison's is a test piece, a poncho with a rhinestone zipper. Mine is a sample, a sweater that is made with an afghan hook with a crocheted border. Once the piece is done and sent back, we will then receive duplicate yarn, free, to make the item for ourselves. We both feel this will give us the chance to experience using new and different yarns and patterns.

We went to her Stitch and Bitch knitting group tonight. It was so nice. Women of all ages and backgrounds sitting around knitting various items, and being available to give help and advice to those who need it. I am making a sweater for my niece's daughter and was having trouble with the collar. The "expert's" tried to help figure out the pattern, which is a very old one. Well, we put our heads together and finally decided to do it as it seemed to be. I don't really think the collar will be perfect, but at least the sweater will finally get finished. Then I can put it away until I get buttonholes made for it. I will start on a sock tomorrow, using double pointed needles, with Alison guiding me. SHe said it's easy. Well, we'll see about that!


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