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Friday, November 05, 2004

This is my first posting to my new blog. Alison, my daughter, has a fabulous blog. I don't expect mine to be nearly as good as hers, but I will have fun with it.

Life is great, just busy (what else is new?). For some reason, I am at work all the time. I stay most days until around 5 PM. Who would have thought that a kindergarten teacher would be so busy. I am either doing lesson plans, reorganizing the room, helping a team member, preparing for the next day. It's always something. Lucky for me my life is just as busy at home. Gerry and I like to go, go,go and do, do, do. This weekend my in-laws from my previous life are coming to spend the weekend. We really enjoy their company and look forward to seeing them. Next Wednesday I am flying to Arizona to spend a long weekend with Alison and Michael. Alison and I plan to get a lot of knitting time in. She is wonderful at it...I taught her to cast on, knit and purl, and she took off. She's buying yarns and making projects as if she had been knitting for years.

This is a trial post so I will end now and see if it "took." Bye for now.


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