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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Sunday my daughter Becca surprised me by showing up at Alison's house (Alison knew she was coming). Becca was here for a "working interview." She is hoping to transfer from the restaurant she works at as manager in Destin, FL to the same one here in Atlanta. She worked for 10 hours and said she LOVES the staff and the entire set-up. She joined Alison, Michael and I at Maggiones restaurant last night after work and said all seemed to go well. We are just waiting for her to get "THE CALL." She drove back to Destin today. My fingers and toes are crossed in hopes that we hear really soon that she and Phil will be moving here to Atlanta, GA. The best part is that she and her sister have gotten very close and all four are excited about the prospect of Bex and Phil living closeby. For me it couldn't be better. I get to Atlanta as often as I can (at least once every two months, sometimes more often than that) so I will get to see all of them when here. It's a 10 hr drive to either Destin or Atlanta for me, but it's twice the price to fly to Destin than to Atlanta. Come on everyone... cross your fingers and say a little prayer that our wish comes true!!


  • At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Donna S. said…

    Fingers crossed. I live in southern IN & my youngest son lives in the Atlanta area. Having kids long distance stinks!!! BTW did you get my email :)


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