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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Skagway & Time Alone

Had a nice breakfast…my usual - herring, lox, berries, nuts and cranberries. Gerry rested in the room and I did some reading/puzzles. Gerry opted not to go into town because he was cold and tired so I went in by myself. At first it was cool but the sun came out and the weather was beautiful. The town is really small - 4 blocks wide and 2 blocks long. The touristy part goes to around 7th Street and then it’s just homes.
I went in and out of shops with some coupons for freebies. I got a teeny silver charm of a train, a teeny topaz stone, bought a pendant of a rainbow topaz with a small white topaz on top, set in silver, for $20, and the typical junkie “gold” charm bracelet from Diamonds International. There were really nice throw pillows and blankets in a loom store, hand made ivory or jade pieces in other stores, and more. I went into the Red Onion Saloon, the original saloon from the Klondike Goldrush days of 1898. They had a bordello upstairs for two years. Now they give 15 minute tours for $5.00. I went on the tour. It was given by young college girls dressed as bordello women. When you paid your $5.00 they gave you a black and red leg garter. It was fun.

I walked around, stopped into the home of the founder of the town, Captain William Moore. He first built a log cabin but later built a house next to it. It was interesting to read about the way of life over 100 years ago. Before leaving the town I went into a tourist shop for a few more little gifties! Heading back to the ship it was quite windy but I made it back. I got a lot of walking time in - good exercise.

We went to dinner in the Olympic - the specialty restaurant on the ship. Our travel agent Connie treated us to the dinner. It was amazing. The Olympic is modeled after the restaurant on the ship Olympic (sister ship to the Titanic). I had booked it for tonight as it was not formal night (we didn’t bring formal wear with us). However, when we walked in Gerry had to have a sports or suit jacket on, so they brought one out for him to wear just till he got to the table (and he actually did wear it for a little while for warmth). I ordered a glass of Reisling wine that was SOOOO good. First we were given a “surprise” - a little crab spread. As an appetizer I had escargot but it wasn’t in butter/garlic but in a kind of curry dressing. They were not in the shells - they were on the plate and there were about 3 or 4 times as many as usual. Gerry had a delicious lobster bisque soup and a Caesar salad. We each had an entrée of lobster and scallops. Then they serve your choice of cheeses, with sliced apple, grapes, celery and little walnut/apple bread pieces. For dessert I had zabalione.

The waiter made it in front of me and whisked it for 12...whole…minutes. I couldn’t believe he actually stood there whisking it. It was delicious. Gerry left just before I had my dessert. He didn’t have the stamina to sit that long. When I got back to the room Gerry was sleeping. I sat up watching TV or reading for another hours and a half and then went to sleep.


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