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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today Was STENT Day

Today Gerry's hemoglobin level was 8.2 and so the urologist went ahead and did the stent replacement. All went well. The dr put in a bigger stent to alleviate some of the pressure in that area from the tumors that are there. Gerry is home, tired (as usual) and feeling pretty good. He gets tired all through the day, goes in and out of having the sweats, but he's eating (lighter than he used to) and his disposition is good. He is looking forward to seeing his brother Eddie and our sister-in-law Billie later today. They come to S. Florida from Central Fl at least once a month to see Billie's dad and us. This weekend is the biggest event - Alison, Michael, Avi, Becca and Phil are coming for a visit. It will be great to have us all together. Gerry had insisted on raiding Toy's R Us so he can spoil Avi - and oh, will that child be overwhelmed with all of his gifts. Nice to have good things to look forward to.


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