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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Weekend

Gerry had another transfusion on Thursday, this time he got 2 units of red blood cells (last Friday and Monday he got 1 unit each day). Friday morning the hemoglobin level was 8.8 - a decent level for him. He was able to have the port put in (just below the front left shoulder) so they won't have to look for his veins anymore. He was really sore for the first two days. It still hurts but not as much. Tomorrow we'll go into the dr office just to have his blood checked (and will probably have to do so just about every day). I am trying to reschedule the stent procedure for sometime this week.

Unfortunately Gerry doesn't feel much better after the transfusion. He is still exhausted. This morning he changed the filters in two of the A/C vents - and I did the last one. He did a few more small chores outside...nothing much, really...came in to sit and watch tv for about 40 min and now he barely made it back into bed.

Yesterday my cousin Don and his wife Marcia drove down from Central FL (about 4 hrs) to have lunch with us (then they were going to see his late parents best/oldest friends who live 40 min north of me). They had wanted to see Gerry too, and Mom was here as well. When I went to pick up mom, on the way back to my house, my car had an "issue." I was hitting the gas but the car kept slowing down, almost as if the tires were spinning but not going anywhere. I was able to pull over and saw smoke coming from the rear so I turned it off. I immediately called AAA and then Gerry. He had gone early to have the propane tank filled but was at home. He called me back about 15 minutes later and then drove over (we were only about a mile or so from home). Gerry checked the transmission fluid - bone dry. Of course, it was MY fault! I told him that when I take the car in for an oil change I always ask the mechanic Jimmy to check all the fluids. AAA came, hooked up the car ASAP and we followed him to Jimmy's. Upon checking it, Jimmy said that a hose connected to the cooling system had come undone - SEE, not MY fault (and yes Gerry apologized). The car was left there and Jimmy will let me know the "damages" tomorrow. HEY GOD!!!! Isn't my life interesting ENOUGH?? We got back to the house just after my cousins arrived. Gerry was so totally wiped out that for the 3 hours that my cousins were here he either slept or had his lunch in his recliner in the other room. He wasn't being rude...he just didn't have the stamina to sit and chit chat. When they left he went back to bed. Mom stayed and we watched a few movies together, the three of us had pizza (then he went BACK to bed) and I later took Mom home.


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