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Monday, June 02, 2008


I went to bed last night at 9:15 - just passed out cold! During the night I heard Gerry up and about (he doesn’t sleep well at all) and so I woke around 5 - it was totally light outside. Gerry was hungry but I told him the buffet didn’t open until 7 AM (and later read in the newsletter that it actually opened at 6). I laid in bed and suddenly Gerry called to me, “There’s an iceberg!” A piece of ice was floating by the ship - not huge, but big enough to realize what it was.

We finally went to the buffet for breakfast at around 7. Then we returned to our room where we hung out - Gerry napped on and off and I read. The ship docked at 8. I had expected Juneau, the capital of Alaska, to be a big city with modern buildings. It isn’t…it looks like a modern day version of a wilderness town.
Where the ships come in there are lots of shops, of course, most of them either the typical jewelry stores found at every port, or touristy gift shops. At around 11:30 we finally went outside but Gerry was very cold so we returned to the ship/room s he could change jackets. We went outside again but after a few minutes in one shop Gerry returned to the ship. I stayed out and went into shops as I walked through the town. The weather got warmer and warmer - there were even people in short sleeved shirts (natives to the area, I’m sure). I walked around for about 2 hours before returning to the ship. Gerry was sleeping when I got here. I started to read my book but was interrupted over and over again…a few phone calls came in, Jorge came with tea and cake, etc. Finally I decided to get some exercise. I went to the 11th floor where there is an outdoor walking track. I walked for 30 minutes and then went to the gym for about 15 minutes.

I had a wonderful dinner in the room (Gerry wasn’t hungry at the time but later got himself a gyro and nachos/cheese from upstairs). I next went down to the computer café, signed on for a package of about 2 hours and checked my e-mail. There were over 350 e-mails, mostly garbage, and it took me almost 30 minutes to delete most and read a few. Then I went to the show which was all singing and dancing - the performers were terrific. Now I am in the room, body worn out, so I am laying in bed typing. The ship left Juneau an hour ago. We were fascinated by the mountains across the water…enormous snow covered mountains that just went on and on. It’s now 11 PM and finally dark (but not totally). Tomorrow we get into Skagway at 7 AM and don’t leave until 8:30 PM.


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