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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Blue Ice at Hubbard Glacier

We woke early, as usual. Gerry didn’t feel great so I dressed and went to the buffet breakfast. But first, I headed to the top deck as we were approaching the Hubbard Glacier and I wanted to get some pictures. I had no idea how close we would come later on. It was very cold on deck but I got close to the railing and got a few good shots. It was just a wall of ice b/t the mountains but it was beautiful…white and blue (blue indicates very old ice). Then I went to breakfast and called Gerry, who was just about to join me. We watched through the windows of the dining room as we neared the glacier, and realized that if we went onto our veranda we would have a great view. So we did just that. It was awesome.

We got really close and were able to watch as the glacier “calved” – large amounts of ice fell off the face of the glacier, making a thunderous noise.
The ship stayed by the glacier for a few hours and then headed up the Alaska Gulf toward our final destination, Seward.

At 1 we were invited to view the navigational bridge (because we were in a suite). Gerry moves slowly so we got there a little late for the explanation, but get to look around. At 3:30 we were invited to a TEA (for those in the suites) in the Olympic restaurant. Gerry slept but I went. It was so nice. I sat at a table with a few other couples. We had the tea of our choice, little sandwiches and pastries.

We went to the main dining room for dinner. It was good but truth be told, I was just as happy eating in our room. After dinner we went to the casino but Gerry was losing so we left after about 10 minutes. I had a lot of packing to do to insure that the suitcases were outside the door by 11 PM. I have packed WAY too much stuff for this trip. If I ever return to Alaska I’ll know better!


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