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Friday, January 18, 2008

Sailing, Sailing!!

Home again...but I do miss them (Alison Avi and Mike too). We got home Wednesday night, in the nick of time, for that afternoon it was so cold in Atlanta that it snowed. Alison sent a cute pix of Avi (on her phone) as he watched the snow:Today I went to school to update my lesson plans. Not having been there in about a month, I did a little socializing. As I was about to go to my classroom my principal came into the office, and was in a talking I didn't get into my room until 10:30 AM (no students were there, it was a teacher planning day). The school was supposed to be shut at 3:30, but at 3 an annoucement came that they were closing RIGHT THEN!! I had to rush to pack up and get out...of course, I didn't get to finish - one more 1/2 hour would have done it. So now I have to finish up at home. Hopefully, tomorrow evening, because after tomorrow....

WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE!!! Gerry wanted to go on a cruise so we booked a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas. I have toured this ship and it's magnificent. We will be in Labadi, Haiti...Ocho Rios, Jamaica...Georgetown, Grand Cayman...and Cozumel, Mexico. Gerry is getting very excited about it. He wants to try diving (we are both certified, but I am pretty sure he won't be able to because it might be too strenuous for him now). We'll see what happens. At the very least we will snorkel and do some fun things. Thank goodness that aside from some tiredness, he is feeling pretty good, and this trip has him in a great frame of mind. I did get him to agree to go to one of the two formal nights (on the cruise last August we skipped it).

Now, talk about a coincidence: the cruise that Becca and Phil are on with her father and family is the SAME ship that we are getting on on Sunday....she exits in the morning and we get on around 1 PM. I teased her and told her that she had better leave that ship spic and span for us!

Busy day tomorrow....manicure/pedicure and brow waxing in the AM; a party for my friend Laura's 60th birthday at a restaurant in Sunrise, FL at 1PM; help Gerry pick up the dogs at the groomer's around 5 PM, then home to try on outfits and pack (speaking's after midnight and suddenly Gerry is fishing around in his dresser for things to nice to see him so happy in anticipation)!


  • At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Sarah HB said…

    OOOhhh...a cruise with your hubby!!! I am jealous.

    Glad you had a nice visit with Avi.

    My kids love seeing Grandma & Grandpa!


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