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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Am SO in Love with This Baby!!!

We have been in Atlanta since late Saturday night. The ride was long, we were tired but we got here at 11 PM on the dot, as predicted. We quietly brought our things in and went to sleep. In the morning I woke when I heard Avi playing. His face when he saw me was priceless. He was so happy to see me. Each morning I played with him in his playroom. He loves to be read to over and over and will sign "more - read" to get you to continue. He makes lots of animal sounds when asked "What does a _____ say?" He loves music - he will sign "music" and "please" and when I sing to him he smiles and rocks to the music. He is very rhythmic, claps and sways to the beat (and he is only 14 months old). I could go on and on....he's just a fabulous little boy. So go here to read more about him and how wonderful he is.
On top: Avi signing "Eat" On the bottom, he is signing "Banana"

It's been getting colder and colder each day here. Yesterday Gerry and I took a fully bundled up Avi out for a walk - that lasted about 10 minutes. When we walked in a shady spot...brrrrr! Today we took Alison and Avi out for lunch and then to Trader Joe's to pick up some things for my mom (Alison and I went on Sunday to get what I needed). Tonight Alison and I did some sewing. I have not used a sewing machine for about 10 years. Alison is very creative with hers (and she has several). She had made Gerry a "chemo cap" - a beanie-type cap to cover his bald head, in fleece with a NY Yankee pattern. Tonight I followed the same pattern and made him two hats in fleece - solid camel color and a black waffle fleece. He loved them.

We are leaving early in the morning so we can hopefully drive straight through to Delray Beach (10 hrs). If we get too tired we can stop at Gerry's brother's house in the Villages for the night. Alison has a very early dentist appointment so we'll watch Avi till she returns and then we'll leave immediately, as bad weather is predicted to hit us some time during our drive. I am going to have a hard time leaving both Alison and Avi.

This is the sweater I made for him last spring.

I love being with Alison, and I adore my grandson. I know he will be looking for me and Gerry after we are gone. He calls Papa all the time, and his little face just lights up when he sees us. I know I'll see him in about 6 weeks, but they will be 6 very long weeks!!! SIGH!


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