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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Temporary Parole

Today was a GOOD day! Gerry was released from the hospital this morning and if he could run (which he couldn't, of course) he would have. We are in the hotel where he slept for 4 1/2 hrs this afternoon (and I got in 2 1/2 hours). Then I helped him shower (and we all know how wonderful a nice, warm shower can be), put on his new pjs and now he is relaxing and watching an OLD movie...12 o'Clock High with Gregory Peck!

A funny little aside: On Friday afternoon Gerry was sleeping and the room was pitch black except for the light from the TV on the wall (which I kept on to partially drown out the hall sounds) and the laptop,which I was using with earphones. All of a sudden, from somewhere far away, I heard Xmas music/singing. I looked at the laptop and then the TV - not coming from either. I quietly went outside the door and there was a chorus...all dressed in costumes straight out of a Dickens story. Their voices were beautiful. They go onto various units in the hospital and sing Xmas carols. When they finished the song I went back into the room (they sang one or two more). As I entered the room Gerry woke:
Gerry: Honey?
Me: Hi, Honey. I was outside listening to a chorus sing holiday songs. You should see their costumes.
Gerry: (big sigh) - oh, thank goodness. I heard the singing and thought I had died and was in Heaven. (and he was serious, too)
So I reassured him that he was still very much apart of this world!!!

It is so nice to have him here, with no tubes, no peeing in a bottle, no flimsy, open "gown," no obe coming in every hour or two for this or that.

I have to express my sincere appreciation once again to everyone who works at MD Anderson Medical Center and the Jesse Jones Rotary House for all that they do for both of us. And my thanks and love to everyone who reads my blog and my personal e-mail updates, for all the care and support given. Most of all...thank you Alison and Becca, my girls, (and their husbands), my mother and my brother for the phone calls at all hours to check up on us, listening to me vent, and just being there for us (not just now, but always).


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