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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Being a Mommy

Got a call last week that Becca, my youngest child, had pain during the night and had to have her gall bladder removed because it was full of stones. She and her husband Phil live about 4 hours north of us, in Ocala (Central FL). Phil kept us informed by phone. Her surgery was on Thursday June 28th (my 4th wedding anniversary). I couldn't be of help anyway so I spent the day with my wonderful hubby, and headed out for Ocala the next morning. By the time I was halfway there Becca called to tell me she had been discharged.
I spent the weekend with her and Phil, cooked a few dinners, made some breakfasts, kept Becca company. I even had the pleasure of combing and braiding her hair after her shower, since she couldn't lift her arms that high.
It was also a crazy weekend for Becca and Phil, beside the surgery. They are relocating to Destin, Fl (where I hear it is beautiful) in September. Becca got a job managing the new PF Chang restaurant opening there in October. So while I was at her house they put it on the market, meeting with the realtor Saturday. I got to help Phil go through some family things and pack a few boxes. In addition, Becca was to be maid of honor at her friend's wedding the next weekend. This weekend was the bachelorette party that Becca was hosting in Tampa. She obviously couldn't go, so we put the goody bags together and the bride picked them up, along with the cute things Becca had picked up for her to wear that night.
It felt SO good being able to be there for Becca, and knowing she wanted her mom to help out. I even got to see her dad (my ex) when he and his wife came over on Sunday. We get along fine (now). He came over alone on Monday to take over when I left. We had a nice visit for about an hour before I had to get on the road again. As a happy ending....Becca is doing great, went to and enjoyed the wedding, and started her training at PF Chang yesterday.


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