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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Can We Say...I've HAD IT?

I know that I need to update this blog since I have not written since Aug...and I will...soon. But I really, really need to VENT so I apologize for doing it here, but here goes:I had issues with AT&T 10 years ago and SWORE I would never use them for anything again. Their UVerse package sounded good so...I took it in late June. I have had nothing but problems. I am not a big live TV watcher but it seems that ...most times when I have an hour or two b/t coming and going - I have a TV issue. Tonight, having 2 hours at home b/t work and dance, I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone trying to get my TV's to show ANYTHING!!! The technician finally did something "temporary" and my big TV is on (although the picture keeps breaking up). So...I am leaving the TV on (which is upping my elec. bill) so it will work when I come home later, repairman coming tomorrow night (so I have to be here) and I will DEFINITELY call Direct TV and beg them to take me back! Do I sound PO'd?? Oh you have NO idea. Thanks for listening!


  • At 11:51 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    That sucks!!

    Hope things get resolved soon.


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