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Monday, June 29, 2009

Friends and Family

June - as soon as school ended I flew to OKC to see my dad, his family and my brother and his family. I stayed at my brother's house. My niece had just had a darling baby boy in April (3 weeks after Talia was born) and I enjoyed being with them and playing with Tristin Lee. My dad is amazing. He is over 86, gets dialysis 3X week, walks sometimes with a cane and still gets around very well. I got to hear more of his lifetime stories as well - always enjoyable. My sister Etie flew in from San Diego for just 24 hrs, to see Dad but mostly to see me (we had not seen each other in 9 years). We had a great time. She immediately booked a flight for here and my niece Ashley to come to FL for Labor Day weekend to spend more time with me.

Darla, Skylar, Me, Etie

Etie, JT(my nephew), Randy (my brother), Dad

Me and my greatnephew Tristin Lee

After 4 days I returned home for two days, then Mom and I flew to NYC for a 2 week visit with my brother and niece. We saw the Broadway show In The Heights...FAB-U-LOUS!!!

Watched the Puerto Rican Day Parade for about an hour;

sat on lawn chairs in the middle of Broadway (ah, NY!!), had a street vendor hot dog (dirty water dogs...the best!).

I saw many friends, including Aileen, a former neighbor/friend who I had not seen in over 40 years...and I think she's wonderful! I went to Atlantic City for two nights, saw Maddy in NJ for HOURS, went to the 8th grade graduation of the students who I taught Kindergarten to in 2000, had a mini-reunion with two "kids" who I played with when I was under 9 years old (she was my maid of honor for wedding # 1).
Deb and Kenny lived next door to each other growing up, and though I had seen each in recent years, they had not seen each other for about 37 years.

The culminating activity was a lovely party to celebrate my brother's 50th birthday and my niece's high school graduation.

Mom, Gianna, Me, Gloria(sister-in-law), Jon (brother)

The weather during our stay wasn't great but on graduation day and the party day (2 days later) the weather was perfect. The party was so much fun. We had friends there that we grew up with, and family who I don't often get to see.

Jon, Jimmy, Me, Ellen, Marc - we grew up together in the Bronx
I was glad that my brother and niece had a nice celebration.


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