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Sunday, August 30, 2009

WOOHOO!!! What a Weekend!!

This weekend I competed in the Fred Astaire 2009 Sundance Classic (dance competition) held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Palm Beach. It was so much fun. Friday night I competed in the category Novice Bronze Closed International Foxtrot and took 1st place. I bought my dress in a bridal shop and, while it was not the typical flowing ball gown, it was perfect!
On Saturday I danced Intermediate Social Bronze American Cha Cha - 3rd place; Intermediate Social Bronze American Rumba - 2nd place; Intermediate Social Bronze East Coast Swing - 1st place; and Intermediate Social Bronze Bolero - 2nd place. For this I wore an outfit that I bought at the Gold Coast Ballroom. I got it half price but then had to buy rhinestones which took me several hours to glue onto the top, so...there went my bargain! But it was cute and effective. The camaraderie at the competition was wonderful, supporting each other and cheering each other on.
I didn't have to stay at the hotel, thankfully, since I lived only 20 minutes from there, giving me time to go home, chill out and regroup. That night (Saturday) there was a banquet. Starting from the time we all met in the lobby to the dinner and dancing, it was nothing but fun and friendship. I sat with Eric (my partner/instructor) and others from my studio. The dancing was so much fun since it was just social dancing. Besides Eric, I dance with other students, with Armando (who heads up the studios in FL and NY) and the best was when I was asked to dance by Philip, who is a 17 year student of dance in NYC and is close to becoming the Fred Astaire National Champion. He and I danced the mambo and I kept up with him all the way, and he gave me several compliments on my dancing and ability to follow. That made my night! I can't wait until the next big competition.


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