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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back in Atlanta

Here I am...cold hands and all. It's still cold in Atlanta, though not as freezing as last time, but I am still chilled most of the time. Mom and I flew in Friday night. We were both supposed to fly home Monday, but Michael "won" a trip from work , to Cancun, so he and Alison left Sunday and will return on Thursday, with me watching Avi (now THAT wasn't a hard thing for me to say yes to). Alison looks great, only 7 weeks to go till her due date. She has been so busy sewing and doing many other things. She made the bumpers, crib skirt and curtains for Baby Girl's room, is sewing cloth diapers in various sizes, and more. While she hated to leave Avi and with so much to do, it was good for them to get away on their own for a bit. When Alison and Michael left, Alison (and Mom and I ) were teary, but Avi just said, "Bye" and reached for me (ah, it's GOOD to be GRANDMA!!). Later that day Mom and I took Avi to the park. We had such a good time with him. On Monday Becca came over for a bit, and later on after Avi's nap we went to see where she and Phil are living (right around the corner from Alison). Then they joined us for dinner. I had to take Mom to the airport. We left with some time to spare, but there were three accidents that held us up. Mom missed her plane by LITERALLY 2 minutes. She was able to get on another plane an hour later, to Fort Lauderdale instead of W. Palm Beach. I had to make some calls and my wonderful cousin Ray agreed to pick her up - at midnight. Today Avi and I went to Northpoint Mall in Alpharetta, GA. There is a "soft play area" there for little kids. He has been there before with me but he is always a bit overwhelmed by the other kids. He won't go on the equipment if another child is on it (ah, he's not stupid...he doesn't want to get knocked down). I had pre-arranged to meet an online friend there as well. Donna S (Hi, Donna) always comments on this blog. I finally got her e-mail address and we have been corresponding. She is in town to help her son with his new baby boy, Anderson. So we took advantage of both of us being here and met. She is so lovely, and so easy to talk would think we have known each other for years. Afterward Avi and I went to PF Changs for lunch - yup, the very same one where Becca works. She sat us at a table in the kitchen, which was great. We got to watch the goings on and were able to be with Becca at the same time. I had their egg drop soup for the first was fabulous, and Avi loved it. He was an angel - and the kid loves to eat!!! Then we came home, looked at some photos of family and we both napped...I AM tired! Tomorrow I am taking him to a nearby gym where there is an open house for two hours where he can jump into a foam pit and bounce on trampolines, etc. On Thursday I will take him to his swim class (yup - I have to get into the pool, too). I won't get to see Alison and Michael as they will get home just around the time I am leaving, but their good friend/neighbor will take Avi for the 30 - 60 minutes till they get home. Avi and I will both go through withdrawal at my leaving. I am so thankful that he loves to be with me and is comfortable enough with me that he can deal with his mom and dad leaving (sorry, Alison). I will be back for two weeks in April when Baby Girl is due, then again Memorial Day weekend, with Mom. 


  • At 6:34 PM, Blogger Michelle said…

    Allison is due with her little girl in April, right? Don't forget to post when the baby is born and her names, stats, and a photo or too. I've been checking your blog daily this month hoping to see that the new baby arrived safely and that everyone is healthy.


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