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Friday, January 21, 2005

I want to sleep (but I know I won't go to bed early)...I want a massage (but haven't booked one for this month)...I want to knit tonight (but will fall asleep as soon as I sit down to do so). I am not being whiney (really, I'm not), but I am so tired!!! Work was ok, but very frustrating come math time (12:45 PM daily). I love my class, but hate that it's January and I STILL have students who can't count or recognize their numbers to 10. I know it's partially because they are ESOL students and have poor language skills and so poor recessive language, but still! ARRGH!

After work I walked again, for 30 minutes around the school hallway (which is outside). Olivia, my principal, joined me. She walks a little slower than I do so I dropped my pace a bit, but she stopped after 7 laps...I do about 13, 2.05 miles. It's so much easier to just do this walk than to trek to the gym, etc., etc. After that it was my weekly manicure - hey, some things are just a MUST! and then to Mom's. We went to the Olive Garden for dinner. I don't go there often but I really love it. I had a glass of wine, something I rarely do cause I am not a drinker and usually a glass, or more like...half a glass...makes my gums numb, brings a slight buzz. But tonight it just made me feel relaxed and...aaaahhhh! So, after a really tasty dinner, I dropped her home, stopped at Publix to buy my poor dogs some food, and finally got home at 8:30. Long day! SO - where were my dogs who usually greet me with barking hellos, tails wagging, tongues trying to lick my face? They are all in my tenent's apartment (which is attached to my house). Steve adores my maltese Tiemann, and is so good to him and the other two. When Gerry and I start to leave the house to go anywhere, the dogs line up outside Steve's door. And since Gerry has been away this week, Tiemann and Rusty, our daschund, have been sleeping at Uncle Steve's, and Cocktail, our beautiful apricot Shepard/Chow has remained loyal and sleeps in front of my bed. Of course, I did tip-toe into the house tonight, cause I really relish the quiet for a bit.

Tomorrow is all mine! I plan to get up whenever, putter around, knit some while I watch some TIVO'd programs. The weather here in S. Florida has been really cold, but today it warmed up a bit and tomorrow promises to be around 75. I NEVER go to the beach,even though I live about 1/2 mile away, but I plan to take a chair, book and knitting (if it's not windy) and sit on the beach in the early afternoon. My perpetual tan has faded and I want to bask in the sun a bit, catch some rays and, dare I say it...relax!!

My knitting goals this weekend? To finally finish Michael's socks, finish mom's shell (just have to rib the neckline and armholes), make my niece's son a scarf, and start on my brother's scarf in gray baby alpaca. Can't start on the sockapalooza socks till I get my needles. I couldn't find #2 DP needles anywhere so I checked on e-bay and found brand new ones, right length and all, for $5.75, seller pays shipping! I also bid on and won 2 lbs of needles, many of which I do not have.

Time to change into something comfortable (flannels and a T), get onto the couch with my knitting and try to hang in till at least 10. To those of you reading my blog (both of you) have a great weekend.


  • At 10:02 PM, Blogger Joni said…

    You have 30 blogline subscribers, incase you didn't know. ;) You do sound tired. I hope you have a great weekend and are able to relax and enjoy (gasp) the beach and your knitting tomorrow! (It's barely above zero degrees here in NY so I can't quite imagine the beach thing)

  • At 7:14 PM, Blogger sUsAn said…

    75 degrees? Ahhh...let me dream. We're at the tailend of a snowstorm up here in eastern PA, & it's 13 degrees right now. Hope you had a relaxing day. I worked on socks today too!


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