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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Two days back at work, and both days were pretty good. I am all caught up with whatever I need to do - probably because I worked till 6 on Monday; the kids were really good both days. But - don't ever think that kindergarten isn't interesting. When I stopped by the office today during lunch, to get any notices, I was informed that one of my little darlings (a boy) BIT one of my other darlings (a girl) on her....TUSH....yes, you heard me...on her little cheek, through her JEANS, and lightly broke the skin. How could this happen, you might ask? Don't know! They were on the lunch line, and there is always too much going on in there. I guess he just knelt down and....crunch! Since the skin was scraped, which is still a break in the skin, protocol is to call 911. The EMT's came, took a look - with the female principal present, of course, and said that THEIR protocol is to transport. However, the mother came and signed a release that she would take her daughter home and to the doctor. Later on in the afternoon I had to sit in on a meeting between the principal and the boy's mother. She was not too happy that her son is suspended tomorrow and she has to lose a day's work, but how fair is it to the little girl, or the other mom who now had to pay a dr and lost part of her day's pay? Can you believe what goes on with little ones today?

After work I went to The Gifting Tree (hopefully my post about it is below - still haven't got the hang of posting pix under my writing. I'm working on it. Came home tonight and was thrilled when my dog Cocktail greeted me with barking and came running (sort of) to see me. Gerry called me at work this morning to tell me that Cocktail had eaten a lot of his food. Tonight he ate again, which is a great sign of his health improving. The dr. (the really cute vet), called tonight and confirmed that Cocktail has Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome. They don't know why the dogs get it, and it can make them very ill, but he said that Cocktail will make an almost full recovery - he might have a residual tilt of his head - but I think that makes him look even cuter. Cocktail has already outlived his life expectancy, so we are just hoping to have him with us a bit longer so we can give him some extra loving.

Time for me to FINALLY get off of this computer and sit by the TV with Gerry and do some knitting. Night for now!


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