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Monday, January 17, 2005

I couldn't wait to put Gerry on the plane for his trip to Cozumel yesterday. It's not that I needed to get RID of him, but I was looking forward to having time to myself.
So, I came home after the airport and tried to go back to bed but I was wide awake. So I finished doing the laundry, had a light breakfast and did some knitting. I had to pick up Suzzette and Brian, my step daughter and her hubby, and loan them Gerry's car, as theirs was at the mechanic's again. Then I went to Mom's. She and I had lunch at a nearby bagel shop. When we go there we always split the whitefish salad platter, something I rarely treat myself to. I even ate a WHOLE bagel - I rarely eat bread. Then we went to Town Center, which is a very upscale mall in Boca Raton. I still manage to do sale shopping though, and bought a nice cotton sweater at Ann Taylor (though I prefer to shop Ann Taylor Loft, which isn't in this mall). I just love when items are marked down and then the sign says ...Take an ADDITIONAL 40% off....50% or more would have been better, but it was still a good buy. I had received money for Xmas, and it's sitting in my checking account. It's not that I don't want to buy new clothes, but I DON'T need them (contrary to what Gerry thinks). I mostly wear jeans and camisoles, fitted t-shirts or sweaters when it's cool, shorts when it's very hot, and I have plenty of all of those. Not to mention a teeny closet. Then there is the problem of pants. I am not a big person, but I am slightly rounded at the hips, and there is this conspiracy against women that says that if you find a pair of pants to fit your hips, it definitely will stand away at your waist by 6 inches. So, why bother! I make do with what I have, but every now and then I give in and try on a nice pair of pants, only to be disillusioned once more! God, how I loved it when I was 102 lbs and could walk into any store and buy any pair of pants! Of course, that could get costly! See how much money I save now!?
Then we went to the movies to see Hotel Rwanda. A very moving and powerful movie. It was very sad, too. I can't stand watching man's inhumanity to man. When I watch movies that depict true events, and show such uncaring people and disregard for the sanctity of life, I feel ashamed to be a human being. Ah, don't get me started.
Afterward we were able to return to Mom's to write out the invitations for her party. My brother Jon and I are making Mom an 80th BD party in Feb (that's what the coral shell is for...see posts below).
Once home, I got onto the couch, put on the Golden Globe Award show (I love award shows for movies and TV) and went straight to work on my knitting. AFter about an hour I got sleepy, put down the knitting, and that was asleep, missing the rest of the show. Luckily I have TIVO and the show is on again Saturday night, so I will record it and watch what I missed. It's no biggie that I know who won...I just love to see the stars and their beautiful clothing.
So - that brings me to today. A day off from work, a day all to myself. I woke early, futzed around the house, hung out on the computer, and made a call to Alison for help with a sock pattern (read further on)... and finally left around 12:30. I had to take Gerry's work briefcases down to his office, about 20 miles from here. Then I stopped at Wal-Mart, hoping to get double pointed luck. Stopped at mom's to pick up my knitting that I left there...Michael's sock, still needing to be completed, home to change into workout clothing, then to the gym. I pay for a gym every month but never go - sound familiar to some of you reading this? But I NEED to get back in. My cholesterol is up and I don't want to take medication for it, so I am watching my food intake EVEN closer than usual, and I have to exercise. I went to a pilates class. The instructor is really nice and personable and ran a good class. I know I'll be hurting in a day or so. Then it was off to JoAnn's Fabrics and again...very poor selection of needles. Guess I'll have to buy them at The Gifting Tree when I go to their first Stitch n Bitch meeting tomorrow after work.
I am almost done with mom's shell and will finish Michael's socks, but I wanted to get working on my socks for Sockapalooza. Problem is, my "person" to knit for has large feet and most of the patterns are for medium. I don't know how to compensate. So, hopefully there will be someone to help out at the SnB meeting. I could have gone to the Knitnightouters meeting tonight, where Catherine Wingate is. She is the person who wrote The Sock Journal. But that meeting is SOOO far out of the way from here.
With all this activity, would you believe that once home and alone (with just my 3 beautiful dogs) ....I am bored. I miss Gerry. I love knowing that he is here, that there is someone else's voice to hear - not to mention the tv, which is always on, usually to a sports channel or being surfed! I did get a nice long e-mail from him last night, and we have talked on-line by IM this morning and tonight. The weather is very windy in Cozumel and so far they have not been out diving (he is on a trip with our dive shop). However, they think that they will definitely go in the morning. Best thing....he misses me (well, I knew he would) and swears he will never go on a trip like this without me again (I couldn't go due to work). And the best part....well, he's not really a romantic, but after telling me how he wouldn't go again without me, he wrote..."you complete me." How can you resist a line like that? It made my night (for I am a hopeless romantic).
Tomorrow it's back to work, probably my new student is coming in. But I have my SnB group to look forward to.


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