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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I love meeting new people! And I LOVE meeting people (who usually tend to be women) who are into knitting AND are nice! Such was the evening I had. I have been stopping in at The Giving Tree, a wonderful yarn store in the Festival Flea Market (one of your better flea markets, I assure's huge and clean and has lots to offer) in Pompano, Florida. The owner, Judy, told me about two weeks ago that she was starting a StitchnBitch group there on Tuesday nights. "Sign me up, " I said immediately. I had had such a nice time at Alison's SnB group in Phoenix that I was eager to have my own group to go to. The Knitnightouters who I joined one evening last month were really nice, too, but that group is just too far away.
Sooooo - when I arrived, the group was sitting around a table and knitting away. We introduced ourselves, but I am so terrible at remembering names (tough being over 35). I was so surprised to find that many of the women were beginners. This, of course, does not include those who work part time at the store. The greatest thing about it, though, is that they were all making either scarves or shoulder shawls, and using these new, funky yarns that have come out, their work looked GREAT! Barbara, sitting next to me, was making a throw for her soon-to-be grandchild, in what looked like a sherpa-type yarn. She is also making a beautiful cardigan with a yarn called WOW, which is a thick chenille. She was very generous in letting me have a copy of the pattern, as she had extras with her. Thank you, Barbara.
I worked on Mom's shell. I learned how to join the shoulders of the front and back by knitting them together instead of sewing them. I also learned how to seam the sides in such a way that you can't see or feel the seam. This was easy because it falls right into the knubbyness of the pattern. Sue, one of the women assisting us, told me to make the ribbing on the neckline and armholes using a small circular needle. She makes EVERYTHING on circulars, and has a set that is one "wire" with interchangeable needles. How cool is that? I had to buy a new circular needle for this project as all of mine are way too big. I also bought a skein of Reynolds Swizzle sock yarn (75% Merino Superwash, 25% nylon) for my Sockapalooza socks. It had a pattern on it that I will use, and I can also use the Lorna's Laces Sherpard Sock yarn for that pattern as well, as the yarns are pretty much the same type.
I decided to finish the shell at home and worked a bit more on Michael's socks. I want to finish them in time for Alison and Michael's visit for Mom's party in Feb. No problem...I have one and 1/8th completed, and that pattern doesn't take long at all.
The group is meeting every Tuesday from 5 - 8, and I plan to be there. I really loved it! I have no one around here who is into knitting, and it's always fun to have women to sit and knit with, and of course, it helps to have on hand those women who can assist a (still) learner like me.
I got home around 8:30. Gerry was on line a little bit later. He finally got to dive, but had to take dramamine as it's still very windy in Cozumel. He said the dive was great and the water crystal clear. He got some good photos while 60 feet under. I am jealous. Next time I WILL be there with him. I have to try out my new dive computer anyway! Hmmm, maybe I can find some rubber yarn and knit us matching dive hats! Nah....don't think so!


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