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Monday, January 10, 2005

I miss my knitting

Winter break is over and I had to go back to work today. While the day went VERY class was amazingly excellent most of the day - I didn't get to knit and I sure missed it. There is no time during my 30 minute lunch break to knit, and after school I was busy working in the room. I had planned to go to tonight's meeting of Knitnightouters. I stayed at work until 6 PM, figuring I would get gas and shoot over to the meeting. Then I could knit for two hours, get some assistance on the top I am knitting for mom, and enjoy the other ladies company. Well, I never got there - I went home instead. of my dogs, Cocktail, has been sick. He is a 15 yr old Chow-shepard mix, a red head who is absolutely beautiful. I took him to the dr. on Thurs for his vaccinations. Ever since then he has been lethargic, won't eat (except when I force fed him with a spoon last night), sat outside all day and refused to come in - probably because he couldn't walk on our laminate wood floors, and he even walked funny, sort of like a John Wayne sway. Gerry took him to the dr today who was stumped, too. But Cocktail had lost 4 lbs since Thurs. (all that Not eating will do it every time)...and has also been vomiting about once a week for a few weeks. Bottom line...he could have an inner ear infection, though the x-ray of his head didn't show one, or it could be something worse that we wouldn't know about unless he had a CT-scan. But that's $800 and if it showed something SERIOUS we wouldn't put a 15 year old dog, no matter how much we love him, through agressive treatments. So the dr. gave him a shot, prescribed prednisone and an anithistamine. When I got home tonight he seemed a tad bit perkier and walked a teeny bit better. We are hoping that he improves and eats and hangs in there a bit longer. After all, he is our oldest four-legged baby (we have three in all).

So here I sit, still have not knitted and I need to. I have to finish Michael's socks (one down, one to go). I am also working on Mom's top and will stop at The Giving Tree to pick up an order and ask for assistance with the pattern ( a minor confusion on my part, but I want to make sure I get it right). I am picking up yarn to make my brother's scarf, and also waiting for two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock yarn, color "sweetie" that I ordered from e-bay, to make a pair of socks for my secret pal sock exchange.


  • At 12:53 AM, Blogger Creative Genius? said…

    Oh Mom - I am so sorry to hear about ole Cocktail... but you are doing all the right things... 15 years is old... and he's had a good life.... hopefully he will perk up... maybe you should cook for him - Lemon Chicken worked for us... maybe some boiled chicken and white rice will work for him (it's Orange and Blue's favorite and we swear that Blue stick his paws down his throat to puke just to get it!!!) If that doesn't work - try some peanutbutter on his favorite biscut....

    Give him a kiss for me and let him know we are thinking of his!


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