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Thursday, January 06, 2005

And now the "child" becomes the teacher

Thank goodness for my daughter Alison - and her patience with her mom. She has helped me tremendously with this blog. Tonight she taught me (over the phone, b/t AZ and FL) how to put items such as other blogs onto my sidebar. I put one there...Quick Recipes...and tomorrow I will add a few more. I am having so much fun blogging. She also helped me become a member of FiberRAOK - Random Acts of Kindness - and now other people beside Alison and her mother-in-law Karen actually read my blog (well, maybe two or three more). How cool is THAT??

I sort of started my mom's sweater - I opened the yarn and made it into a ball and cast on. That's a good beginning, doncha think? So, I sit here on the computer instead of am I ever going to find time to do it all?

Tonight was both fun and a bit disappointing for me. Since I met Gerry we have discussed taking swing dancing lessons. Ok, maybe not DISCUSSED, but mentioned it a few times. I finally took the bull by the horns and checked out a school just a few blocks from here. They had a class tonight, and told me it was a group lesson for all levels. Gerry wasn't too thrilled to be thrust into it but being very unselfish, he went along with me. There was only the teacher and one other man plus three women in the class, all obviously had been there for previous sessions. This was to be West Coast Swing (unlike what my parents do - East Coast). The lesson started and right away I saw that the teacher was going too fast for beginners. I didn't have too much of a problem because I have done the lindy with my mom for years - I'm just not as good as she is. Gerry loves to dance and he is good, but he dances freestyle Rock and Roll. I could see that he wasn't too comfortable with this but he gave it a shot. After about 45 min he sat down. Larry, the other male student, danced with me at times and I was able to follow him most of the time. I was really disappointed that Gerry had given up, but he told me at the end of the class that they just went too fast for him, and he was right. Larry then gave Gerry a 5 minute TRUE beginner's lesson, and we realized that it was what he needs. Well, Gerry can't come for next week's class, and the teacher is switching the two weeks after that, one of which Gerry will be in Cozumel and then I will be in Orlando. However, I am going to attend next week and the week that Gerry is away. I can't help it...I love to dance and even if I never get to dance West Coast Swing with anyone at a wedding, at least I'll know I can do it. There, I've done my venting. Now I am going to go to the couch and knit a few lines before bedtime (and it's already after 11:30 PM). Night!!


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